The Best Aruba Beaches & Why We Love Them!

Home to some of the most magnificent beaches in the Caribbean, Aruba is a small yet beautiful island that has so much to offer. Because of its relatively small size, it is quite easy to visit all of Aruba’s beaches in one trip if you plan to stay a few days. 

When you look at the map of Aruba beaches below, you’ll notice that the beaches are broken into four main areas. The far north is where you will probably find the best snorkeling in Aruba as these beaches are rocky with calm shallow waters. The mid-north area is where all the hotels and resorts are found. The best Aruba beaches with maximum facilities and activities are located in this area.

In contrast, the Southern Beaches of Aruba are pretty relaxed. You won’t find much development around them. The east coast is also wild and rugged. If you love adventures, these are the best beaches on Aruba that are untouched, where you can enjoy the natural beauty without many people around. If you rent a car, you will be able to see all these unexplored areas. 

Aruba is often referred to as ‘one happy island’, and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re after the Best Aruba beaches for couples or families, you are sure to have an extraordinary travel experience! 

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It is hard to choose the most beautiful beach in Aruba as each beach has its own charm! You may even have come across the Aruba beaches with flamingos, an exclusive experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you’re looking for the best snorkeling beaches in Aruba and the Best beaches in Aruba for swimming, you won’t have any difficulty as there are plenty of choices! Many of the beaches in Aruba feature calm and crystal-clear water with a colorful school of fish and corals for you to discover. 

Generally, the best beach in Aruba for families is going to be found on the west coast. Some beaches offer many water sports, restaurants and other amenities to ensure you have a good time!  Some beaches are rocky whilst others have a white stretch of white sand perfect for children to build sandcastles and enjoy playing on the beach. 

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with the beach to yourself or ones with lots of space for kids to play, there are a few beaches on the east coast that have fewer crowds. These beaches are less accessible and located further away from the accommodation so many people pick the more convenient beaches such as Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. 

In this guide, you’ll find what each of the beaches has to offer, including the amenities, what parking there is, and which ones suit your needs the most. 


Click on each option on the Aruba beaches map for more details on each location.

Best Aruba beaches map


From rocky surf beaches to calm and crystal clear waters, you are sure to enjoy an escape on any one of Aruba’s many magnificent beaches. I’ve included a range of different beaches around the island in this list, so there is sure to be something that will suit your interests and needs. I’ve also included a recommendation of a great place to stay near each of the beaches to make finding the right spot even more convenient. 

Baby Beach

Baby Beach, Aruba
Baby Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: ARUBA48, Getty Images
  • Amenities: Restaurants, bars, beach chair rental, cabanas and a dive center
  • Access: Free parking and free access to the beach 
  • Where to Stay: Jermal Vacation Home 

I think that one of the best beaches Aruba has to offer is Baby Beach that is situated in a bay on the southernmost part of the island. From afar, the beach appears to be a perfect natural lagoon because it is surrounded by the dark blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

Because it is quite a long drive from hotels; it is a quiet beach in comparison to other more popular sites such as palm beach but will likely be crowded on weekends!

In terms of facilities available, you will find lockers, paid restrooms, sun tents, and chairs to rent as well as a snack bar and restaurant. 

If you’re traveling as a family, this is the best beach in Aruba for swimming with young children. It is a safe place for them to learn how to float and enjoy the water. The beach gradually inclines into the deeper waters so children can stand up wherever they feel comfortable.

Baby beach is admired as one of the main Aruba snorkeling beaches because of the shallow water. There is a diverse range of sea life to explore, but make sure you stay within the marked areas due to the currents that can sometimes be dangerous, especially for those who aren’t strong swimmers.

Overall this is the nicest beach in Aruba for families as it offers a range of facilities and provides a safe child-friendly environment for the young ones! 


Arashi Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: Flavio Vallenari, Getty Images
  • Amenities: Free limited beach huts, chair, and umbrella rentals. A paid bathroom and snorkel equipment rental 
  • Access: Free parking and free entry to the beach 
  • Where to Stay: Ocean Z Boutique Apartments 

Known for its beautiful white sand and clear water, many people consider Arashi beach as one of the top beaches in Aruba and it is easy to see why. Towards the end of the day, you can kick back and enjoy the spectacular views of the sunset. Occasionally you might even be lucky enough to see the live music at the bar.

The Arashi Beach Shack is available on the beach to the public. You can order food and drinks such as fried foods, tropical drinks, beers, soda, water, and more! The beach is also very close to the California lighthouse, giving you panoramic views of the beaches and hotels after a short climb up. 

Arashi is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best places to snorkel in Aruba. You can rent snorkel equipment for a fee of USD 5 per day. The beach is a little bit rockier than other beaches like Palm beach, so Arashi is often a more popular choice amongst tourists for snorkeling.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with your family, if you’re looking to avoid the crowds and just enjoy some seaside, Arashi is a gorgeous spot not to be missed.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: ARUBA48, Getty Images
  • Amenities: Volleyball courts, Jet Ski rentals, beach chairs & umbrella rental. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from.
  • Access: Free parking or convenient public transport 
  • Where to Stay: Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino

Eagle beach is not only known for its turquoise waters and soft sand but also ranked the third best beach in the world by the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award in 2019. It is also the longest beach in Aruba. 

There is free public parking on the beach, and it is also easily accessible by public transport. 

The beach is located in front of all the low rise hotels in Aruba. Across the road from the beach, you will find a range of restaurants and bars to dine in or take away any food and drinks. 

Eagle beach is excellent for families as this best beach Aruba offers a variety of water activities to choose from, such as volleyball, tennis, jet ski, and kayak rental. 

The majority of the sea turtle’s nests are situated in the sands of Eagle beach, so if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot some at the right season. Eagle beach faces the west, making it another great place to catch the sunsets in the evening! Also home to the famous fofoti trees that grow on the beach, it is a popular spot for photo enthusiasts!  

Palm Beach

Palm Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: Talbot Images, Getty Images
  • Amenities: Restaurants, bars, paid water activities, and even a casino nearby
  • Access: Free parking, walking, and convenient public transport
  • Where to Stay: Playa Linda Beach Resort

Palm Beach is renowned for being one of Aruba’s best beaches and one of the busiest. Situated alongside resorts and hotels on the west coast, tourists flock to this beach, and it is where all the action takes place in Aruba. 

There are plenty of facilities on the beach too! Parking is relatively easy, and you will find a range of pubs, fast food joints, snack bars, and restaurants for food and drinks. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, and more. Many tourists also opt to go banana boating on this beach for a different experience. 

You don’t need to worry about your belongings if you decide to go for a long swim or snorkel, as you can rent out a locker. For those who stay at the beach till evening, you will be able to watch the magnificent sunset by the water. Palm Beach also offers a buzzing nightlife with many clubs located around the beach. There is also a casino close by if you’re feeling lucky! 

If you’re staying in a resort or hotel around the Palm Beach area, this is the best Aruba beach with plenty of activities, convenient facilities, and best of all it is extremely accessible!

Flamingo Beach (Renaissance Hotel) 

Flamingo Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: Sergey02, Getty Images
  • Amenities: Restaurants, toilets, beach umbrellas, and chairs 
  • Access: Paid beach access or free when staying in one of the resorts
  • Where to Stay: Renaissance Hotel 

One of the best beaches in Aruba near cruise port that will give you one of the most unique experiences. This is also the beach that makes Aruba quite a famous destination! You may have come across some beautiful flamingos flaunting the beach on social media, especially YouTube and Instagram, as these feathery friends have been quite the internet sensation in the past few years.

Renaissance Island is not open to the public, and the only way to get there is through a boat transfer through the hotel. The beach is free for the guests living in the resorts, but otherwise, you have to pay $125 for a day pass. There is a limit to how many people can be on the island at any particular time as well.

It might be more economical during the off-peak season for families to book a room for one day so you are guaranteed access to see the flamingos and can also use the showers in your room after the beach. 

There are beach chairs, umbrellas, and lots of palm trees that offer shade. You will also find a cafeteria and restaurant on the island serving fresh food and beverages.  

If you have the budget, this is a great beach to kick back and relax, and it is sure to give you a different experience from all the other beaches on our list.

Tres Trapi

Tres Trapi Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: Baarssen_s Images

This might not be the best beach for sunbathing and a picnic as it is more like a little cove, but it is an excellent spot for snorkeling. Tres Trapi translates to “3 steps” in Spanish. This refers to the entrance to the beach which might be a bit tricky to find! You need to find the three steps to go down to the water. 

It is located on the north-western part of Aruba, just above the Malmok boardwalk. The shoreline is extremely rocky, so we would recommend bringing some water shoes if you want to explore the beach. 

Swim out away from the shore and you will see hundreds of different cushion starfish resting on the ocean floor. The beautifully colored starfish range from bright red, orange, yellow, and brown. There is also an abundance of different colored tropical fish, and if you swim towards the seagrass, you might spot some sea turtles on a good day! 

There are no umbrella rentals or bathroom facilities nearby. Also, be sure to pack some snacks as there are not many restaurants in the area. The fast-food joints and shops are a 5 to 10 minute drive away, near some high-rise resorts.  

Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: Orietta Gaspari, Getty Images

A quieter beach compared to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area of Baby Beach, this is a lovely beach to escape the crowds. Although it lacks facilities, Rodgers Beach is perfect for those looking to enjoy a quiet book on the beach or simply want to take it easy and relax. 

This is a great beach for both swimming and snorkeling as the waters are calm. You will find schools of colorful fish around the coral formations in clear conditions. You will have to come prepared with snacks, picnic gear and sun protection as there aren’t many shops nearby. If you need the amenities, you can always walk over to Baby Beach, which isn’t too far away. 

The white sand paired with the attractive turquoise color of the Caribbean is a magnificent site to simply admire the natural beauty. However, if you’re looking out west, your view might be obstructed by the oil refinery of San Nicolas. 

Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: Jimmyvillalta, Getty Images
  • Amenities: None 
  • Access: Free parking, convenient public bus, walking and free entrance to the beach  
  • Where to Stay: Aruba Sunset Beach Studios

If you’re in search of the best beaches in Aruba for snorkeling, Malmok Beach is admired for its clear waters. A lot of the coastline is actually quite rocky, with some vibrant reefs in the middle, making it an excellent place to snorkel and fish. 

It is another beach located on the northwest coast, surrounded by all the high-rise hotels. 

Malmok is also known for the famous Antilla and Baboo shipwrecks. We recommend heading to the beach early at 10 am as many tours and boat companies bring tourists to the area, so it does get crowded in the afternoon!  

There are no facilities at the beach so you need to come well prepared and pack everything you need especially water, food, and sunscreen beforehand. If you get there early, you should be able to find a spot under the palm trees for some nice shade.

Many beginner surfers come to Malmok as the calm shallow waters paired with the steady winds make perfect learning conditions. For those who want to simply wind down and enjoy a lazy day away from all the crowds, then you are sure to enjoy this relaxing beach. 

Blackstone Beach

Black Stone Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: DejaVu Designs, Getty Images
  • Amenities: None available 
  • Access: Only accessible by 4WD or hiking 
  • Where to Stay: Paradera Park Aruba   

Blackstone beach isn’t one of the mainstream beaches, so if you’re looking for an adventure and a unique experience, you should add this one to your itinerary! Located on the East side of Aruba, since this beach is less accessible, you will likely find fewer crowds and can enjoy the beach’s natural beauty with a little peace and quiet. 

This is the only beach in Aruba that is home to black sand, making it quite picturesque. The sand is quite rare, and you might find some flat black volcanic stones too. Another notable feature is the three natural arch bridges which are quite a popular place for photographers to come and capture. 

Make sure to pack food and drinks as there are no restaurants or food stalls nearby. Also, don’t forget sufficient sun protection as there isn’t much shade on the beach. You must wear appropriate footwear because the beach is extremely rocky, and it is easy to slip if you aren’t well prepared.

This definitely isn’t the beach to plan on visiting if you have small children or older families as the lack of shade and facilities don’t make it suitable.

Dos Playa

Dos Playa Beach Aruba/ Photo Credit: Aruba Paradise Photos, Getty Images

Dos Playa translates to “two beaches”, and this is exactly what it offers. Located on the East Coast, within Arikok National Park, this beautiful and secluded beach is split up into two coves. You can go for a hike in the park and end your day by cooling off with a quick dip at Dos Playa! 

This is one of the beaches of Aruba admired for its natural beauty, so don’t expect to find many amenities like restaurants or cafes. The beach is quite hard to access, so you will have to hire a 4WD and be prepared for some unpaved and winding roads. 

This beach is not recommended for young children and swimming for leisure as the waves can be pretty rough. The beach is quite popular with more experienced surfers, so if you’re looking to catch some waves, this is the best spot in Aruba! 

The beach is also known to be a sea turtle nesting site. Dos Playa is an excellent choice if you want to go on an adventure, be away from the crowds, and enjoy some solitude by the ocean. 

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