Best Inflatable Paddle Board 2023 Guide


If you’re on the hunt for an inflatable stand up paddleboard, you’ve definitely come to the right place! This guide will take you through what you need to know when looking for the right inflatable stand up paddle board (I Sup for short) for you, as well as key considerations and FAQ’s. 

I spent a lot of time searching for the best inflatable stand up paddle board before I knew which one was going to be right for me (and even if I Sups are any good compared to regular stand up paddle boards). There are quite a few factors to consider when looking at inflatable sup reviews and it’s well worth taking a little bit of extra time to read up on board specifications to check you are getting something that you will love and will meet your needs! 

And so, I thought I would put some of my hard work researching to good use by writing this guide. 

When it comes to finding the right blow up paddle board, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re getting one that is durable enough for your needs and can handle the types of water you’re going to be in, but at the same time is going to be portable and easy to carry around. 

I Sups also come made for different purposes – from regular paddling and exploring, to ones that are specifically designed for surf, yoga, racing or even fishing (which I cover in this guide too).  So if you’ve got one of these activities in mind, it’s worth looking at certain brands of stand up paddle board. Inflatable paddle boards can be perfectly suitable for these activities, which sometimes comes as a surprise to people who are new to I Sups – but it’s important to invest in something sturdy and well made. 

If you’re not sure what to look for in an I Sup, then this guide is definitely the right place to start. I cover all the different elements of what to look for in your board – from size, to hull shapes, to ease of inflation and value for money. 

I also cover a good range of inflatable paddle boards for sale – from great quality I Sups that are top of their game, through to if you’re looking for a cheap inflatable paddle board for your vacation. 

Let’s get started with my isup reviews! 




If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read my whole guide, these are 3 of my top picks and some of my favourite I Sups that are on the market today.  

Best All-Rounder: Tower 2 I Sup

I love the Tower 2 I Sup for its superior quality, amazing rigidity (paddling this really feels like paddling a hard board) and the fact that you can use it for anything from yoga to fishing and touring. Made from the same fabric as zodiac boats and featuring drop stitch technology, you’re in good hands with the Tower 2. I can understand all the rave reviews this board regularly gets! 

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Best Touring SUP: Bluefin Cruise

One of the most versatile touring I Sups in this guide, I recommend the Bluefin Cruise for its quality build, versatility and multi-tasking. This I Sup can be converted into a kayak, with the seat that’s included in this sup package, or it can be used for regular touring. Made from military grade PVC this board is tough as nails and comes with a whole host of accessories, like a go-pro mount, waterproof phone cover, and high quality fiber-glass paddle. What more could you need? 

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Best Surfing Inflatable SUP: Aztron Sirius

If you’re looking for something to take to the waves in, it’s better to choose an I Sup that’s been specifically designed for the purpose, and is shorter than regular touring or racing I Sup’s. I love the Aztron Sirius for its ability to cut through different types of surf, from rivers to ocean waves. It has a great 5mm deep cut foot board to help maintain a good grip, and at 9’6” long it’s lighter and easier to transport than many of the larger boards, too. 

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Product | Size | Shipping Weight | Package? | Reviews | Check Price

Lifetime Vista | 132 x 32 x 6” | 35.8 Lb | Yes | 4 | Check

Serenelife Premium | 132 x 30 x 6” | 30.6 Lb | Yes | 4.5 | Check

Bluefin Cruise | 144 x 30 x 6” | 37.5 Lb | Yes | 4.5 | Check

Serenelife | 126 x 30 x 6” | 32.6 Lb | Yes | 4.5 | Check

Boardwalks Flow 122 x 35 x 5” | 37.8 Lb | Yes | N/A | Check

BOTE Rackham 148 x 38 x 7” | 53 Lb | Yes | N/A | Check

ISLE Explorer 144 x 32 x 6” | 42.5 Lb | Yes | 4.5 | Check

ISLE Pioneer 127 x 31 x 6” | 40 Lb | Yes | 4.5 | Check

Tower 2 ISUP 124 x 32 x 6” | 36 Lb | Yes | 4.5 | Check

Aqua Marina Breeze 118 x 29.5 x 3.9” | 28 Lb | Yes | 4 | Check

Aztron Meteor 168 x 31 x 6” | 39 Lb | Yes | 4 | Check

Aztron Sirius 153 x 31 x 6” | 35 Lb | Yes | 5 | Check

Solstice Bali 128 x 30.5 x 4” | 39 Lb | Yes | 4 | Check

MaxKare ISUP 120 x 30 x 6” | 17 Lb | Yes | 4.5 | Check

Ten Toes Weekender 144 x 30 x 6” | 40 Lb | 5 | Check 




When you’re trying to decide on the best stand up inflatable paddle board for you, one of the first things to think about is where you’re going to be using it, what for (surfing, yoga, paddling, etc), how portable it needs to be, and who in your family are likely to use it too. It’s also worth thinking about if this is a long term investment for regular use, or if you’re only likely to be using your inflatable paddle board occasionally. 

Setting a budget is also a good idea as I Sups can vary hugely in price – anywhere from a cheap inflatable sup at around $300 USD up to $1500 plus for top of the range and highly durable models. Somewhere between the two price points you can find decent quality and durability, with the higher price end mainly being for enthusiasts who are after specific features on a board. 

I cover the most important factors to consider when comparing air paddle board options below, as well as some of the questions I know I had!




Inflatable Boards vs Rigid Boards

You might be wondering what is the difference in quality between a ‘regular’ SUP and an inflatable stand up board. I’ll help you understand if an I Sup is right for you below, but to begin with, know that the best type of paddle board for you is the one you’re going to use most – which for many people is an inflatable board as it’s easier to take with you. 

The main difference between rigid and inflatable boards is of course the material with which they’re made and the weight. Repairs to boards are much easier (and less likely) on inflatables than they are on hard epoxy or fibreglass boards, and more and more inflatable boards are becoming the norm when it comes to Sup-ping, as the standard in durability, stability and versatility in different water conditions improves every year. 

These days high end sup inflatable boards are used by racers and enthusiasts as well as by vacationers and are recognised for being more stable and being able to support more weight than the conventional hard boards.




Most conventional isup paddle boards are between 10 to 11 feet in length. When considering stability, there are other more important factors (which I’ll cover below) but the length of your sup inflatable is an important criteria to be aware of depending on what activities you plan to do with your paddle board. 

If your weight is on the lighter side (less than 150lb) and you want high portability and maneuverability then you could consider going for a shorter board between 9’5” and 10’, as long as the width is still in proportion to provide good stability (30-32”). This length of board can be great for use in white water or having fun in the surf. 

If, however, you want to track straight and paddle at higher speeds on relatively flat water, a longer board can bring you those advantages. 12’6” boards are great for SUP touring, and although some people worry about the extra weight and storage space, in reality with inflatable boards there’s not that much difference in weight and space. 




A key determinant in how stable your pump up paddle board is likely to be, the ideal width for most inflatable stand up boards is between 30-32 inches. 

However, the width is also dependent on the length and shape of the board, and be aware that if you’re going for a shorter board, you don’t want it to be too wide or it’ll really slow you down. Likewise, a longer board can take a little extra width if you want the extra support or intend to bring a child or pet out on the water with you. 

The maximum recommended width for a board is around 34”, and that is only needed for capacity weights of over 200 lbs. I recommend that if in doubt, for your first board stick within the 30-32” range unless you need additional weight capacity. 




The third factor determining the stability of your board along with length and width, is the thickness. Contrary to what might seem logical when comparing inflatable stand up paddle board sale options, thicker does not always mean more stable. 

Thickness also increases the height of the center of gravity, so the key to getting the most stable board for you is to find the right trade off between width, needed weight capacity and thickness. The level of thickness you require will also depend on whether you’re looking at top rated paddle boards made from superior materials, or whether you’re after a cheap inflatable stand up paddle board. 

If you’re going to be using an I Sup that’s been made of high standard materials, the optimum thickness is around 5 inches (unless you’re looking for a board with a weight capacity of over 200lb in which case 5-6 inches would suit). 6 inch thickness and above boards tend to add additional bulk which is not generally needed. 




When looking for the best blow up paddle board, it’s important to make sure that the board will hold the capacity you have in mind. Especially if you’re planning on getting the board for multiple family members to use, or if you’re planning on attaching any equipment to it, make sure you have taken the weight measurements of the family members and equipment and add them together if more than one person may use the sup at a time. 

Each I SUP should have a clearly indicated capacity limit indicated, so make sure you double check it before deciding which Isup to buy. If you’re very close to the capacity limit, it should still be safe, but it’s probably advisable to choose an inflatable sup with a bit more wriggle-room within the recommended capacity instead. 




One of the biggest things I recommend you keep an eye on when reading sup inflatable reviews is the durability and quality of materials used to make the I Sup. 

Durability will determine whether your inflatable sup will be good for a couple of summers or many years, and also other factors such as stability, how thick it needs to be, how much weight it can hold, and more. 

The best inflatable paddle boards are made from military grade fibres and use ‘drop stitch’ nylons. The drop stitch material contains high quality nylon strands that sit close together and give the board more strength. 

It’s also important to look at how many layers the inflatable SUP is and how these have been produced – a cheap stand up paddle board is likely to have only a single layer of PVC which is lightweight and cheap, but does not bring so much rigidity or durability to the board. On the higher quality end, double layer construction offers more strength and rigidity. Glued double layer construction is strong and rigid but outdated technology and heavier, with the best option being double layer laminated constructions which keep the board 20% lighter and give a stiff rigidity and strength to the board while being lightweight. 



Hull Shape

When looking at inflatable boards, stand up paddle boards generally come with 2 different types of hulls. These are known as Displacement Hulls and Planing Hulls. 

Displacement hulls give a pointed nose to the front end of your board, and are ideal for moving fast while paddling through water. A pointed nose is an important feature for the best touring inflatable sup as it’ll help you to paddle swiftly and over longer distances with less effort, similar to the front of a canoe. 

A displacement hull actively slices through and channels the water around the board – hence the name – and is best on flat water for sup races or longer sup expeditions. So if you know you’re looking for sup inflatable paddle boards that are best for touring, I suggest going for one with a displacement hull or at least a more pointed nose.

The other type of hull you’ll commonly find on an I Sup is a Planing Hull. As the name implies, these do not slice through the water in the same way as the displacement hull, and instead allow you to glide or float over it. The planing hull has a rounded nose and a smooth underside at the front. 

Planing hulls will not allow you to paddle as fast as a displacement hull, but there are plenty of other advantages to them. They are more versatile and suitable if you’re looking for the best inflatable sup for surfing or for use in white water, or for leisure paddling. Planing hulls are also great for yoga or if you need space for a child or pet up front due to the wider and more rounded nose. So if you’re looking for a good all-round I Sup that’s suitable for different water activities, a planing hull is a good way to go. 



Nose Rocker

A nose rocker is an important design element of any paddle board inflatable, so I highly recommend you check for one of these on your board before finally deciding which the best isup is for you. 

The term “rocker” simply describes the upward curve at the ends of the board. Rockers come in the form of a “nose rocker”, “tail rocker” or “banana rocker”. Rockers only apply to boards with a planing hull as displacement hulls are designed to stay submerged and cut through water. 

Banana rockers are usually only found on highly specialised boards used for river running or river surfing. For sup-ping, the rocker to be most concerned with is the nose rocker, as this up turn on the front of the board will help prevent your board from going under water and becoming submerged. 

Nose rockers are available with a low, moderate or high upturn. A moderate nose rocker is best for general board use including paddling in different water conditions, yoga and fishing. 

A tail rocker can make the board slower and is only important on highly specialised boards to help turning more precise – generally a tail rocker is not needed. 




As you can see from the sections above, there are several factors which determine the stability for the best blow up sup. Getting the right balance between board thickness, width, length, and also the right hull depending on how you plan to use the board are all important to weigh up. A stable board is especially important for leisure trips when we nearly always take a camera, water bottle, and waterproof speaker and don’t want to risk losing them in the water. So, especially if you’re a relative beginner and are reading lots of inflatable paddle board reviews, make sure that you look for one that has been designed with stability in mind. 



Ease of Inflation

Most I-Sups come with a paddle board pump included in the package, although do double check this when buying. Check the guidance for your particular I Sup before inflating to check the maximum PSI (pounds per square inch). 

Generally, inflatable Sups should not be inflated over 15 PSI (or you risk damaging your board), and there should be a pressure indicator where you can check this. Needless to say an underinflated paddle board does not make for happy paddling! 

Most boards come with a manual pump which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s easy to control the amount of air going into the board and avoiding over inflation which can damage the board, but it’s also a bit more work. If using a hand pump, filling the board to start with, up to say 10 PSI will be fairly easy, but it can be a bit harder work filling the last few PSI. 

If you’re a SUP enthusiast or plan to use your I Sup regularly, one of my favourite sup accessories to invest in is an inflatable paddle board electric pump. Electric pumps will save you a lot of time and energy, and make it easier to inflate your board to the proper pressure required for regular SUP use. 

If in doubt, you can always use the inflatable paddle board pump that comes with your SUP to start with, and progress to an electric inflatable sup pump if you find you need one later. 



Value for Money

As with most things, and especially outdoor equipment, you will get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Fortunately, there are now plenty of affordable paddle boards out there which are suitable for use on vacations or occasional use, and perfect for those who want to try out stand up paddle. 

While highly specialised and advanced performance best rated paddle boards certainly aren’t cheap, you’ll be able to find some reasonable quality boards for around the $500 mark. If you are going to be enjoying stand up paddle regularly, I recommend investing in a board that has good stability and is made from good quality fabric as the basics. 

It is easy to add better paddles and more advanced accessories after purchasing a board, so I suggest buying a board for its quality rather than the number of sup accessories that it comes with. When you’re looking at options to buy inflatable paddle board, always make sure you read the reviews and the information in guides like this. 




If you’re still wondering whether to go for an inflatable board vs a hard stand up paddle board, I always say that the best board for you is going to be the one you will use the most. 

If you are traveling or love hiking to lakes, then a hard board is not an option, or you will have to rent a hard board once you reach the location. So if being able to check in a SUP for your vacation is important – an I Sup is the only option. I love being able to take my I Sup with me on my travels. 

Huge strides have also been made in the technology behind inflatable stand up paddle boards and the top inflatable paddle board can now rival fibreglass boards for performance. Seeing as inflatable SUPs depend on being properly filled with air for their rigidity, proper inflation and care of your I Sup is really important for the quality of your SUP experience. 




Once you’ve invested in your I Sup, you’ll want to make sure to take good care of it. I Sup’s – especially those made of very durable fabric – are not as fragile as you might think they are, but one of the main things is to make sure that they are stored outside of direct heat and light, so that the fabric does not deteriorate. 

Many SUP operators who use paddle board blow up models for their SUP schools leave boards inflated for weeks at a time, too, so there is not necessarily a need to deflate your I Sup after each and every use. I do recommend re-checking the pressure each time before you head out on the water though. 

Along with storing your I Sup outside of direct heat and light, you want to make sure that it is stored in its correct bag and dried out properly after each use to avoid any damage. As discussed above, if you are using an electric pump to fill up your SUP you’ll need to be especially careful not to overfill your paddle board with too much air and cause damage that way, too. 


Read my blow up paddle board reviews below to work out which one is right for you! 

Lifetime Vista

The Lifetime Vista is a great value inflatable stand up paddle board that’s made of high quality heavy duty drop stitch fabric and is a good option to consider if you’re looking for a large paddle board. 

Measuring 132 x 32 x 6 inches, this paddle board comes complete with a carry backpack, three-piece SUP paddle, thruster fin set up and an inflation pump. Featuring a planing hull with a front nose rocker, this is an ideal inflatable board for beginner paddlers, and those who want a large board with space for a pet or child on the front. It could also make a good board for fishing or yoga. 

This board is designed for entry level to intermediate level paddlers and is best suited to calm water. It has a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs. 

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SereneLife Premium

Measuring 132 x 30 x 6”, the SereneLife premium inflatable stand up paddle board is another long board with plenty of space, made by one of the highly reviewed inflatable paddle board brands. 

Made with Marine-grade drop stitch construction, this sturdy board gets great reviews for its strength and stability. Featuring a planing hull and triple underside fins, this board is best for its easy steering and manoeuvre, and it is available as a complete inflatable sup package which includes a pump, paddle, leash, backpack and repair kit. 

Suitable for beginner paddlers through to more advanced SUP-pers, this board works well for general paddling or can be used in light surf, too. It’s also great value for money for an entry level priced I Sup. It’s maximum weight capacity is 275lbs. 

Click here to read more reviews & buy. 



BlueFin Cruise 

One of my favourite sup brands, BlueFin have come out with this winner of a board which is perfect if you’re a more advanced paddler wanting to go faster or if you’re looking for options for the best inflatable touring sup. This board measures 144 x 30 x 6” and is a long board with plenty of space and superior movement. 

The seat that comes included with this sup package means you can transform the sup into a kayak within a few minutes. This I Sup also comes complete with double-action pump, a fibreglass paddle, go-pro mount  and 3-fin thruster. The BlueFin Cruise features a tapered planing hull, offering something between a displacement and planing hull, with a gradual nose rocker. The board is designed using top quality 1000 denier exo surface Laminate technology and drop stitch fabric for lots of strength and durability. 

This inflatable paddle board with seat is packed with features from a croco-diamond deck pad for extra grip, through to the go pro mount and kayak conversion kit. It’s a great choice for cruising and is one of the best all-round cruising sups at a great price. 

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Another great all round inflatable sup for sale is the Serenelife. Measuring 126 x 30 x 6” this is a good size board which can also be used as a fishing I Sup or for yoga as well as for paddling. 

The Serenelife inflatable sup is known for its durability and is a great value option for those looking for a cheap inflatable board. This board is perfect for beginners, and inflates easily with the included manual pump. The package also includes a paddle, leash, carry bag and fins. 

The anti slip top deck makes it safe for all members of the family. The board is also suitable for use in light surf and gets great reviews for its maneuverability – definitely one to consider if you’re looking for an inflatable sup for surfing. The maximum weight limit is 275lbs. 

Click here to read more reviews & buy. 



Boardwalks Shubu Flow

If you’re looking for an inflatable yoga paddle board, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this option. Measuring 122 x 35 x 5”, the board has been designed specifically for yoga on the water, and works equally well for both intermediate and beginner paddlers. 

The lower height of 5” combined with the increased width (35”) brings increased stability and balance to the board, leaving you free to enjoy your workout on the water. There are 3 anchor points for storage on the front of the board – perfect for attaching a dry bag or water bottle to. 

This board is made from dual fusion laminate and high density drop stitch making it super strong and light, and one of the most durable boards in these sup reviews. If you love yoga and are looking for the best inflatable sup for yoga, then this board is well worth it and one of my favourite options. 

Click here to read more reviews & buy. 



BOTE Rackham

If you’re looking for an inflatable fishing sup, you’ll definitely want to check out this beautiful board by Bote. The Rackham aero measures 148 x 38 x 7” so offers plenty of space with its extra width and a slightly higher elevation, meaning a large flat deck and superior stability and capacity. 

The board package includes a storage bag, removable centre fin, rac receivers, paddle sheath and sand spear sheath as well as a hand pump. The board features a wide planing hull and slight nose rocker. 

With an impressive capacity of up to 400lbs, this board also comes available in a camouflage colour scheme for pro fishing trips. So, if you’re looking for the best inflatable sup for fishing, look no further than this one! 

Click here to read more reviews & buy. 



ISLE Explorer

One of the most popular I Sups on the market, this isle sup measures 144 x 32 x 6” and is a great all-rounder board if you’re looking for an isle inflatable paddle board that can be used for yoga, fishing, touring and paddling with your pet. 

The board is made from superior quality fabric where the drop stitch is coated with double layer PVC laminate for high-end durability and a lighter, stiffer I Sup. The sup features a pointed nose which is lifted slightly out of the water with a moderate nose rocker to enable you to move through the water with more ease. 

With a capacity of up to 300lbs, with this board you can go supping with your partner, child, pet or even with a friend. Perfect for exploring on your vacation. The board is best used on calm to moderate water. This isle stand up paddle board comes complete with travel paddle, backpack, HP pump, centre fin and a coil leash. 

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ISLE Pioneer

Another of the best selling Isle paddle boards, this Isle sup inflatable measures 127 x 31 x 6”. The main difference between this and the Isle Explorer I Sup above, is that the Pioneer is also suitable for use in white water, including river runs and small surf, as well as paddling lakes and oceans in flat conditions. 

Made with military grade PVC, this Isle inflatable sup is highly durable and it’s no surprise that if you read any Isle sup review you’ll see that it has many satisfied users. The board features a planing hull with a slight front nose rocker. It also features a bungee system for storing items while out exploring. 

The I Sup package includes a hybrid travel paddle, Isle backpack, HP pump, center fin and coil leash, and it has a max capacity of 240lbs. If you’re looking for a high quality board that is suited to most water conditions, I highly recommend giving the Isle Pioneer inflatable sup a look – it’s definitely one of the best rated paddle boards in this guide. 

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Tower 2 ISUP

Another favorite among these sup reviews, is the Tower stand up paddle board. Measuring 124 x 32 x 6”, this is a high quality inflatable sup made from military grade PVC combined with drop stitch construction for top of the range durability. 

The superior materials used to provide great rigidity – according to the manufacturers, the same rigidity as plywood – in this board give it the feel of a hard board. This Tower inflatable paddle board is a great all round sup for flatwater activities such as yoga, fishing, touring or leisurely paddling (it’s not designed for surf). 

This Tower isup package comes with a Tower backpack for carrying the I Sup, 3 piece fiberglass paddle, high pressure pump, a high end grooved deck pad and removable centre fin for easier manoeuvering. If you’re looking to invest in a great quality I Sup for regular use on flat water, definitely consider this Tower sup. Maximum capacity 350lbs. 

Click here to read more reviews & buy. 



Aqua Marina Breeze


If you’re looking among these paddle board inflatable reviews for something smaller than these other boards, then this Aqua Marina inflatable sup may be the thing for you.  Measuring just 118 x 29.5 x 3.9”, this is much shorter than many of the other boards in this guide at 9 feet long. 

Although this board comes with a lower weight capacity than other boards – and if you read any Aqua Marina sup review it’ll point this out – it can still carry up to 209lbs officially (although reviewers recommend it would be wise not to reckon on too much over 150lbs). It’s great to travel with given its smaller, lighter size and would be a good option as a lighter womens inflatable paddle board. 

The board is made from durable PVC and drop stitch, and features a bungee and stainless steel D rings for storage. This I Sup package comes complete with 3 detachable fins, a carry bag, paddle and high pressure hand pump. 

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Aztron Meteor

If you’re looking for an inflatable race sup, you’ll definitely want to check out the Aztron Meteor I Sup.  Measuring 168 x 31 x 6” and a length of over 14 feet, this board cuts through water giving a super long glide and speed with its narrow and fast outline, making it a good inflatable touring sup as well. 

The design features double chamber construction and double layer fusion fabric for extra strength, with a planing hull and front high rocker design. The dual chamber construction helps to add extra stiffness to the board, but is also a great safety feature for open water supping, as one chamber will stay inflated even if something causes one to puncture. 

This is definitely a competitor for best inflatable touring sup at an affordable price point, and the package includes aluminum paddle, dual action pump with pressure gauge, single removable fin, coiled leash and carry backpack. The Aztron Meteor has a weight capacity of 240lbs. 

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Aztron Sirius

Another of Aztron’s boards, the Sirius is an inflatable surf sup that’s great for surf and white water at all levels of paddling. Measuring 153 x 31 x 6”, the board comes with a 5 fin setup for maximum maneuverability and control in the waves. 

This board features the same high-end double chamber technology as the Meteor board (above) for safety, and has a kick pad on the tail of the board for speedy turns. Also featured is a 5mm extra deep grooved deck pad to help you keep your grip while on the water. The board has a pointed nose with front rocker. 

If you’re looking for the best isup for surfing, definitely consider this an option that’ll allow you for plenty of fun on the water. The board comes with aluminum paddle, single removable fin, coiled leash, dual action pump and carry backpack. The maximum weight limit is 264lbs. 

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Solstice Bali

This Solstice paddle board is one of my favourite options if you’re looking for a slightly thinner paddle board that sits lower in the water (this one is 4”). Ultra sleek and lightweight, the Solstice Bali paddle board measures 128 x 30.5 x 4”.

Built using 1000 denier 3 ply PVC reinforced material, this board is extremely strong and rigid, helping achieve greater speed and stability in the water. This board is suitable for touring, gentle paddling, yoga or paddling with your pet, and can handle a few waves too – it’s got 4 handy D rings and a bungee system for storage up front. 

Overall, the Solstice Bali stand up paddle board is one of the top rated I Sups within its price bracket, and with good reason. If you’re looking for a lightweight and super sturdy board that can handle most conditions, you won’t be disappointed. Note that a paddle does not come with this package, so you’ll need to buy that separately. The maximum weight limit is 250lbs. 

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MaxKare ISUP

If you’re looking for an I Sup on a budget, you could consider the MaxKare. Priced at around $300, this is a good value, multi purpose sup suitable for beginners. The MaxKare measures 120 x 30 x 6”. 

This board features a lightweight build that’s easy to take with you on camping trips or check in on a plane for your vacation. The package comes complete with a paddle, bi-directional high pressure pump, detachable fin, coil leash and carry bag. This sup is suitable for use on rivers, lakes, ocean and beach and has a bungee storage system up front. The nose of the sup features a moderate rocker. 

If you’re looking for the best value inflatable sup on a budget, this is definitely one to consider. It has a maximum weight limit of 330lbs leaving plenty of space for the family. 

Click here to read more reviews & buy. 

Ten Toes Weekender

Last but certainly by no means least in my rundown of favorite sup brands, this Ten Toes paddle board is another option I love to recommend if you’re looking for the best inflatable sup: Ten Toes say this I Sup is indestructible, and given the quality of this piece of kit, I’m inclined to believe them! 

Measuring 144 x 30 x 6”, the Ten Toes Weekender is perfect for touring and intermediate to more advanced paddling, or anyone wanting speed and agility on their paddle board. Made from military grade PVC double layer and drop stitch technology, this board is highly resilient. Its long, narrow design and kayak inspired pointed nose allow for extra power cutting through the water, making this a great Ten Toes sup to roll up and take on your travels to join a SUP tour. 

The board also comes with aluminum paddle, removable nylon fin, manual pump and a carry bag. The maximum weight limit is 250lbs. 

Click here to read more reviews & buy. 

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