Best Overwater Bungalows in the Caribbean

If you’re dreaming of escaping to one of the best overwater bungalows in the Caribbean, you’re in for a treat. 

Although over the water villa Carribean options are still less plentiful than in Asia and the Pacific, the good news is that there are some stunning Bora Bora style huts in the Caribbean, and what’s more the range of choices is increasing. So if you were wondering, are there overwater bungalows in the Caribbean? – the answer is yes! 

In this guide to the best bungalow resorts Caribbean has, I’ll run you through my favorites, from over water cabanas Caribbean options, to overwater bungalows Caribbean all inclusive resorts, to amazing over water suites Caribbean that are fit for a king (or queen) through to options that are a little more budget-friendly. 

Over water resorts Caribbean come in different shapes and sizes – literally – from the famous heart shaped bungalow, Jamaica by Sandals, to over water rooms above peaceful lagoons with glass floors. Truly the best places to stay for ocean lovers. 

Here you’ll find my reviews of the Caribbean’s best overwater bungalows in Jamaica, Antigua, St Lucia, Mexico, Belize, Aruba and Roatan – Honduras. So if you’re looking for those dream-worthy huts over water in Caribbean for your next vacation – let’s get started. 


Caribbean Overwater Bungalow Map


When it comes to finding the best Jamaica bungalows on the water, there are some great choices across the island, from the famous Sandals Jamaica bungalows on the south coast to the heart bungalow Jamaica at Montego Bay. 

Sandals South Coast Overwater Bungalows

Sandals South Coast Overwater Bungalows Aerial
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts
  • Best For: Luxury, Honeymoons, Seclusion
  • Number of Bungalows: 12
  • Amenities: All inclusive. Outdoor soaking tubs, glass floors, outdoor showers, spa-style bathrooms, large ocean-facing terraces, sun loungers, over-water hammocks, private access via heart-shaped walkway from the resort & elite butler service. 
  • Adults Only: Y
  • Location: Ochi, Jamaica
  • Budget: $$$$$

If you want the wow factor for a special break, it’s hard to go wrong with these Sandals Jamaica water bungalows at Sandals South Coast resort, especially if you’re looking for a great all inclusive overwater bungalows Jamaica option. 

If you’re looking for the ‘Jamaica heart bungalow’ – this is it. Understandably, the bungalows themselves aren’t heart-shaped, but they are laid around a beautiful heart shaped walkway which is separated from the rest of the resort, giving you additional privacy and exclusivity. 

Sandals South Coast Bungalow Bedroom
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts
Sandals South Coast Overwater Bungalow
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts

There are just 12 overwater bungalows which are classified as ‘LoveNest’ suites – meaning you get your very own butler service – and the perfect excuse to never have to leave your Sandals Jamaica over water sanctuary (totally understandable). There’s clever screening in place from other bungalows to ensure you’ll have plenty of privacy, and all of the bungalows look over the ocean. 

One of my favorite things about these Sandals South Coast Jamaica bungalow rooms is their contemporary design. These are some of the newest Sandals rooms and you’re in for a treat. The location here is perfect for those that want a water bungalow Jamaica experience that’s quiet and relaxed. Private airport transfers are also included in room rates. 

Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalows

Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalow Exterior
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts
  • Best For: Luxury, Honeymoons, Entertainment, Privacy
  • Number of Bungalows: 17
  • Amenities: All inclusive. King sized beds, outdoor soaking tubs, glass floors, outdoor showers, outdoor hanging chair, large ocean facing terrace, sun loungers, private plunge pool, private steps into the ocean, located on a private island – access is by boat from the main resort. 
  • Adults Only: Y
  • Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Budget: $$$$$

If you’re looking for amazing Sandals Montego Bay overwater bungalows, you’ve found them! These show-stopping over the water suites are as good as it gets in Jamaica. 

Similar in design to the Sandals South Coast Bungalows (above), the main difference with these Sandals Montego Bay bungalows is the extra space – they are larger in size and the addition of private plunge pools on the balconies. These Sandals Royal Caribbean over the water villas are guaranteed to make you not want to leave them – with your very own butler, pool, hammocks, spa bathroom, Elite butler service, not to mention plunge pool, you can dine on your terrace and watch the sun move from rise to set over the ocean. There are included private airport transfers, too. 

Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalow Interior
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts
Sandals Royal Caribbean Overwater Bungalow Aerial
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts

Access to the Sandals Royal Caribbean Jamaica overwater bungalows is by short boat ride or Stand Up Paddle from the main SRC resort, so it’s the perfect place to stay if you want a bit of seclusion as well as the option to enjoy all of the many entertainment options in Montego Bay, which is one of the livelier beaches in Jamaica. 

In short – these water bungalow Jamaica options are perfect when you want to splurge on the best overwater bungalows Jamaica has. 


Located in the lesser Antilles, Antigua is a stunning island ringed by coral reefs and home to some beautiful beaches. If you’re looking for Antigua over the water bungalows, you won’t be disappointed, either. 

Royalton Antigua Overwater Bungalows

Royalton Antigua Bungalow Exterior
Photo Credit: Royalton Antigua
  • Best For: Luxury, Honeymoons, Snorkeling, Beaches
  • Number of Bungalows: 5
  • Amenities: All inclusive. Private infinity plunge pool, overwater hammock, sun loungers, large terrace, ocean views, glass floors, butler service, jacuzzi tub, indoor/outdoor seating area, private luxury airport transfers. 
  • Adults Only: Y
  • Location: Antigua
  • Budget: $$$$$

These are the only over the water bungalows Antigua has, and they make for the perfect romantic or luxury escape to Antigua. Set off the beach from the main Royalton resort, these Antigua huts on water are all you could wish for with views out over the Caribbean sea. 

The bungalows feature sliding glass and wooden doors which allow plenty of space to either have everything opened up, or retreat inside from the sun if you prefer that. Each bungalow comes with a glass-fronted infinity plunge pool, so you have the choice of where to dip: Direct from your private stairs into the ocean, your pool. Other features include over the water hammocks, Bvlgari luxury bath amenities, complimentary snorkeling equipment, butler service, and lots more. 

Royalton Antigua Bungalow Interior
Photo Credit: Royalton Antigua
Royalton Antigua Bungalow Aerial
Photo Credit: Royalton Antigua

Although, like many of the other luxury overwater options, the Royalton Antigua bungalow price will set you back more than a few pennies, if you’re looking for the very best of overwater luxury, it’s hard to beat a stay here. 

If you’re trying to decide between this and some of the other options such as the Sandals Jamaica huts (above), one thing to note is the Royalton bungalows have an indoor bathroom and tub, whereas with the Sandals Jamaica water villas have their soaking tubs and showers outside on your villa’s balcony (in addition to an indoor bathroom).


The dramatic and lush landscapes of St Lucia make it one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean if you’re after a luxurious break. And when it comes to overwater Bungalows in St Lucia, you won’t be disappointed by what the Sandals Grande has to offer. 

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Sandals Grande St Lucian Overwater Bungalows
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts
  • Best For: Affordable luxury, Romantic breaks / Honeymoons
  • Number of Bungalows:
  • Amenities: All inclusive. Butler service, included airport transfers. Glass floors, outdoor tranquility soaking tub & shower, indoor spa bathroom, private bathing steps into the ocean, sun loungers, in-room bar with premium liquors, contemporary design. 
  • Adults Only: Y
  • Location: St Lucia
  • Budget: $$$$$

Despite the abundance of luxury resorts on St Lucia, overwater bungalows are still few and far between, so if you’re after one of the St Lucia huts on water to stay in, your only option is the Sandals Grande St Lucian resort. 

Similar in design to the overwater bungalows at Sandals South Coast in Jamaica, the Sandals St Lucia overwater bungalows are your own little slice of paradise. Featuring all the amenities that you’d expect from Sandals, including overwater hammocks, outdoor soaking bathtub and shower, your own private steps down into the ocean, and glass floor panels inside the bedroom. 

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Overwater Bungalow
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts
Sandals Grande St Lucian Overwater Bungalows
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts

The Sandals Grande St Lucia overwater bungalows come with butler service included as well, so you can stay in your bungalow and enjoy your meals from the comfort of your own terrace if you prefer. Or, if you want more in the way of entertainment, you can enjoy any of the 12 bars and restaurants on site and the Grande St Lucian and the range of activities included from scuba diving and stand up paddle, to free shuttles to the other 2 Sandals resorts on the island. 

Make sure to click the link below to check out the St Lucia overwater bungalows price and any special deals available for the Sandals Grande St Lucia water bungalows. 


Part of the Dutch Antilles, and also referred to as part of the ‘ABC Islands’ (Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao), Aruba is well known for its stunning beaches as well as nightlife and shopping. But if you want your Aruba over water villa experience to be a bit more intimate, you’re going to love Aruba Ocean Villas. 

Aruba Ocean Villas

  • Best For: Seclusion & Eco-friendly luxury
  • Number of Bungalows: 7
  • Amenities: Beautiful 4-poster beds, jacuzzi spa baths, outdoor rain showers, breakfast included, restaurant & bar, snorkeling, kayaking, massage. 
  • Adults Only: Y
  • Location: Aruba
  • Budget: $$$$

As far as overwater hotels Caribbean go, Aruba Ocean Villas has a unique vibe and is more of a boutique hotel than a large resort. With only 7 villas (15 more are currently in the works) you are sure to get amazing service and feel part of the family here. 

This adults-only hotel is owned by Aruban local (also something of a rarity as most Aruba hotels are owned by foreigners) and the labour of love shows in the finished product. There are different levels of overwater bungalow available, from very reasonably priced 2 person beachfront bungalow caribbean rooms (not overwater but pretty close), right the way up to the huge 1500 sq feet sunset villa, complete with large overwater deck, 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathroom – perfect if you want a Caribbean bungalow vacation with friends. 

If you’re in search of an over the water bungalows Aruba all inclusive deal, this is not that (only breakfast is included in rates), but the rates are great value for what you get and it’s easy to customize your stay by adding on additional meals in the restaurant at the hotel. 

The hotel offers complimentary snorkelling gear and kayaking trips, or you can join in the Sunday afternoon beach BBQ for some of the freshest grilled fish around. The restaurant is located in an intimate overwater gazebo, with just 7 tables (1 per villa) and amazing seafood.  

If you aren’t sure which the best overwater bungalows in the Caribbean are and you love boutique hotels, you may just love Aruba Ocean Villas. If you want to be over the water vs on the beach, the ‘Lou Lou’ bungalow is perfect for any bungalow honeymoon Caribbean getaway. 


Located off the mainland of Honduras, the island of Roatan is home to stunning beaches and amazing diving and snorkeling. 

Cocoview Resort

  • Best For: Diving & Snorkeling
  • Number of Bungalows: 4
  • Amenities: PADI dive shop, restaurant, boutique, kayaks, hammocks, nightly entertainment, in-room spa treatments
  • Adults Only: N
  • Location: Roatan, Honduras
  • Budget: $$$

For the perfect Caribbean bungalow all inclusive for those who love snorkeling or diving, look no further than Cocoview Resort, Roatan. Located right on the edge of a reef in southern Roatan, the snorkeling is incredible. 

Cocoview has 4 overwater bungalows that are available as part of diving or non-diving packages. 2 of the bungalows have 1 king size bed, and the other 2 have 1 king and 1 queen size bed – perfect if you’re looking for family over the water bungalows Caribbean options. Bungalows feature their own private terrace with hammock, air conditioning, and free wifi. 

These ocean huts in the Caribbean are perfect for those who aren’t looking for top end luxury – these are more simply decorated, but still come with the best feature of any of the rooms over water in the Caribbean: Uninterrupted views of the Caribbean sea and sunsets!

If you want to rent snorkeling or diving gear from the resort, booking in advance is essential. 


You may not even have to make it as far south as the Islands for your Caribbean bungalow vacation – because Riviera Maya, Mexico is home to two stunning resorts with overwater bungalows that are simply dreamy. 

Palafitos Overwater Bungalows

Palafitos Bungalow Walkway
Photo Credit: Karisma Hotels
  • Best For: Luxury, Adults only
  • Number of Bungalows: 30
  • Amenities: All inclusive, Adults only, Spa, Dining, private plunge pools, glass floors, private ladder into ocean, in-room dining, spa/jacuzzi baths
  • Adults Only: Y
  • Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Budget: $$$$$

At these overwater bungalows, Caribbean, you’re peacefully secluded from the nightlife of Riviera Maya and Cancun, yet it’s just a stone’s throw away if you decide you want more entertainment. 

Palafitos Bungalow_Patio_with_Pool
Photo Credit: Karisma Hotels
Palafitos Bungalow_from_Water_Daytime
Photo Credit: Karisma Hotels

These villas over the water in the Caribbean are beautifully designed in a contemporary style and feature glass panels in the floor, jacuzzi spa tubs, private decks with sun loungers and steps down into the ocean, and signature Aguas del Amor rain showers. There are two different level of overwater bungalow – the entry level bungalows face the beach and do not have a private plunge pool, whereas the Elite villas face out over the ocean for more privacy and have a private infinity plunge pool on their deck. 

This resort is unique for being one of the only resorts with overwater bungalows in the Caribbean that’s located in Mexico, and that’s made up of 100% overwater bungalow rooms, creating an atmosphere of seclusion and luxury – perfect for honeymoons and romantic breaks. 

Mayakoba Resort

Mayakoba Over-Water-Lagoon-View-Suite
Photo Credit: Rosewood Mayakoba
  • Best For: Off the beaten path, Luxury
  • Number of Bungalows: 129
  • Amenities: Butler Service, Private heated plunge pool, Boat Dock, hammocks, indoor/outdoor bathroom, sun loungers, spa. 
  • Adults Only: N – but some room types do not allow Children
  • Location: Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Budget: $$$$$

Though slightly different from what you might picture when you think of overwater bungalows in the Caribbean, the bungalows at Mayakoba are stunning. Located on a lagoon, and surrounded by mangroves and white sands, this Rosewood resort has villas and suites dotted along the lagoon surrounded by mangroves and gardens. 

Mayakoba Deluxe_Over_Water_Suite
Photo Credit: Rosewood Mayakoba
Photo Credit: Rosewood Mayakoba

For overwater bungalows, you’ll want to go for a Deluxe overwater lagoon suite. With a private terrace over the lagoon, you get your very own private boat dock, steps into the lagoon, heated plunge pool and butler service. The design of all of the rooms is clean, contemporary and stylish. 

For those who want to reconnect with their inner zen, there’s even a dedicated wellness suite, complete with reflexology fountain! 


For something a little different, why not consider Panama? This beautiful country that’s rich in biodiversity is home to some great resorts, beaches and snorkeling. 

Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge

overwater bungalows at Punta Caracol
Photo Credit: Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge
  • Best For: Off the beaten path, Sustainability
  • Number of Bungalows: 9
  • Amenities: Restaurant, private over-water terraces, free wifi, hammocks, canoe trips, boat tours
  • Adults Only: N
  • Location: Bocas del Torro, Panama
  • Budget: $$$

If you’re looking for more affordable overwater bungalows in the Caribbean, why not consider Punta Caracol, Panama? 

Located on a small island off the Caribbean coast of north east Panama, these on the water huts in Caribbean are a must for nature lovers, sustainable travelers, families, and those wanting something a little different. 

With 9 bungalows, all built over the water, the Aqua Lodge is an ecotourism project that aims to bring guests closer to Panama’s beautiful nature both above and below the water. The hotel uses solar energy, and 98% of the land owned by the Aqua Lodge is used for conservation. There’s also an innovative waste filtering system to minimise environmental impact. 

If you are looking for overwater bungalows for families in Caribbean and your kids love nature, this is a great place to come and stay. There are 2 different types of bungalow – all are duplex style in the Panamanian tradition with the bedroom upstairs and living space below. Rooms have hammocks on their balconies, steps down into the water, sun loungers and en-suite bathrooms. 


Another gem of a destination in the Caribbean – especially if you love underwater exploration – is Belize, where our last overwater bungalows are located, and make the perfect choice for those looking for overwater bungalows without the fussy luxury or bungalows perfectly suited for divers. 

Thatch Caye Resort

Photo Credit: Thatch Caye
  • Best For: Divers, snorkelers &  adventure travelers
  • Number of Bungalows: 15
  • Amenities: All inclusive. Private saltwater plunge pools, hammocks, wifi (communal areas), use of kayaks, paddle boards, bikes, yoga & fitness spaces. 
  • Adults Only: N
  • Location: Belize
  • Budget: $$$$

Located on its own private island (only 30 guests are allowed at any time so you can be sure you’ll have plenty of space), Thatch Caye resort has a focus on community and wellbeing as well as an amazing vacation. 

Thatch Caye Bungalow Interior
Photo Credit: Thatch Caye
Thatch Caye Bungalows from water
Photo Credit: Thatch Caye

Meals are served communally and wifi and drinks are available only in common areas, meaning all guests come together to use facilities, mingle and make a few friends. Much of the food is sourced from the hotel group’s (Muy Ono)  organic farms around Belize. 

In addition to beach front villas, there are 2 types of overwater bungalow – the regular and the premier – the premier features a larger space with more hammocks and your own private natural salt water plunge pool. 

The hotel also offers bespoke packages and retreats from yoga and wellness, to fly fishing, cultural immersion, and combination stays with other Muy Ono hotels around Belize.

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