The Best Snorkel Mask of 2023: Reviews and Guide

If you’re on the hunt for the best snorkel mask, then you have come to the right place, as this guide takes you through everything you need to think about when purchasing the best snorkel face mask.

When it comes to an underwater snorkel mask, you want it to be both comfortable as well as the perfect fit.  I’m sure you’ve all worn a snorkel mask that has dug into you and was so uncomfortable to wear that it pretty much ruined your experience.  If you’re after a new snorkel mask, it’s vital to get a good snorkel mask that will ensure you have a great snorkeling experience and not one that you’re continually adjusting or worse still, letting out water that’s leaked in!

My Favorite Mask is the one I’m wearing in the picture above, the Cressi F1 Frameless snorkel mask. I love it so much that I’ve spread the word and my entire extended family uses and love it as well!

If you’re really not sure what makes the best swim mask, this snorkel mask reviews guide will help you as it takes you through everything you need to know to purchase one of the top snorkel masks.  First up, I’ll take you through the various features you need to consider and then take a closer look at some of the best rated snorkel mask options currently on the market from some of the best snorkel brands.

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No matter what type of snorkel mask you’re after, this snorkel face mask review guide is going to give you some great pointers.  Whether you’re after the best full face snorkel mask or a regular snorkel mask, the best snorkel mask for kids or even the best prescription snorkel mask, you’ll find it in this guide. 

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Don’t have time to read my entire best snorkeling mask review guide and just want my recommendations for the best snorkel masks?  Well I just love the Cressi Frameless Snorkel Set, and the Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel Set.

Best Standard Snorkel Mask

When it comes to a standard snorkel mask, I like the Cressi Frameless snorkel set because the mask is frameless, the skirt is made of comfortable silicone, and it covers everything you would want in a basic snorkel mask for a fantastic price. It is made from high-quality products and provides a great fit while being super comfortable and adjustable. It shouldn’t leak water in or fog up giving you a crystal-clear snorkeling or diving experience.

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Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you’re after the best full face snorkel mask, I recommend the Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel set because although this is on the higher end of the price scale, it is worth every cent. With a clear panoramic anti-fog lens and cool accessories like a snorkie talkie and action camera mount, this full face snorkel mask really has all the extra features to give you the ultimate diving or snorkeling experience.

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Check out the table below for a quick and easy comparison of all the snorkel masks reviewed in this guide.  For further information, keep reading the reviews below.

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There is no one best snorkel mask for everyone, as we all have different shaped heads and faces.  So to ensure you get the perfect mask for you, I recommend you consider the factors below.

Regular Underwater Snorkel Mask or Full Mask Snorkel

Once upon a time, there was no choice in the type of snorkel mask you could purchase, however now you have the option of either a regular or a full mask snorkel.  Even if you’ve never used a full-face swimming mask before, I’m sure you’ve seen them.  A full face mask is a one piece snorkel mask that covers the entire face and kind of looks like a big face bubble. 

So what’s the difference between a standard snorkel and an all in one snorkel mask?  Well here are a few:

  • It is easier to breathe with a full-face underwater mask as you breathe naturally through your nose and mouth.  With a regular snorkel mask, you are required to breathe through your mouth only.
  • A full face water mask gives you 180-degree vision.
  • A full head snorkel mask doesn’t tend to fog up as easily as a standard mask.
  • A full-face mask is much bulkier than a regular snorkel mask making them less portable.
  • Unfortunately there are some potential dangers though with poorly designed full face masks.  Some masks have the potential to build up with too much carbon dioxide and possibly cause carbon dioxide poisoning – this can lead to fatalities through drowning. 

My personal preference is for a regular snorkel mask, but at the end of the day, it just comes down to personal choice.  In this swim masks reviews, I’ve included options for both the best regular snorkel mask as well as the best full face mask.



The Skirt

The skirt is the rubber-like part of the mask that contacts your face.  The purpose of the skirt is to create a watertight seal and prevent water from coming in. 

When purchasing a snorkel mask, look for one with a wide skirt as generally the wider the skirt, the better it will be at creating a watertight seal.  Even the smallest leak will let in water and also create fog.

Also look for skirts made from silicone as rubber or plastic skirts tend to become brittle and crack over time.  Silicone, on the other hand, lasts for years.  Usually any super cheap snorkels won’t feature a silicone skirt.

The other thing to consider is the color of the skirt.  Sometimes the skirt is clear and sometimes it can colored.  Clear skirts have the advantage of letting more light into the mask as well as giving you better peripheral vision.  Others, however, prefer a dark colored skirt as it reduces glare.



Framed or Frameless Masks

Would you prefer a framed or frameless snorkel mask?  A frameless snorkel mask has the lens (the clear part you see through) moulded into the skirt of the mask, whereas framed masks have a frame which supports the lens.

Most people prefer a frameless mask as the lens are thinner and lighter and placed closer to your face.  A frameless mask also gives you a better range of vision.  Framed masks, on the other hand, are made with thicker lenses, and the frame is elevated so further from your face and provides a slightly less range of vision.  However a framed mask tends to stay in place better, making them better for beginners.

The other advantage of a frameless mask is it tends to be super flexible, so you can easily fold them up and pop them away in your bag.



The Number of Lenses         

Snorkel masks are available with single lenses, double lenses, and multiple lenses.  The number and type of lenses is a personal choice, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  I briefly discuss the various options below.

Single Lens Masks

Single-lens masks have a continuous window of glass that covers the whole mask and which provides one wide uninterrupted view.  Given these types of masks don’t feature the nose bridge you can easily look left and right without losing your binocular vision.

Single-lens masks are available in both frame and frameless versions.

Two/Double Lens Masks

Snorkel masks with two lenses, generally have a distinct viewing area for each eye with a nose bridge in the middle.  Most snorkel masks tend to be made with a double lens.

The advantage of double lens snorkel masks is they to tend to sit closer to the face and usually have a tear-shaped design which provides you with better downward vision compared to a single lens mask.  They also tend to be less bulky than single-lens masks.

The one disadvantage to double lens masks is that they can, at times, rub against your nose.

Multiple Lens Masks 

Multiple lens masks or masks with side windows, are either single or double lens masks with small lens at the side.  These types of masks provide the broadest range of vision and are great at letting in light for increased visibility.

Prescription / Corrective Lens

If you normally wear glasses, you’re going to want a snorkel mask that has prescriptive lens.  Luckily there is a range of manufacturers that make masks with corrective lens.  Corrective lens are available for those with both short and long-sightedness as well as those requiring bifocal correction.



Comfort and Fit

Of course, above all else, the most important thing about your snorkel mask is that it fits well and is comfortable to wear.  A well-fitting and comfortable mask will prevent water from entering your mask and ensure you have a wonderful snorkeling experience.

But keep in mind that no two people have the same shaped head and face and so a mask that is super comfortable for me, is not necessarily going to be the most comfortable mask for you.  It’s definitely an individual thing.



Other Features

Other features to consider when purchasing your snorkel mask include:

  • No Fog lenses: Some masks claim they don’t fog up, however even the best anti fog snorkel mask will fog up from time to time.  But some are definitely better than others.
  • Vision: Some lenses are made with special tinting to improve underwater clarity.  These lenses make things crisper and clearer by cutting down glare and incoming light.
  • Tempered Glass: Look for a top rated snorkel mask made with tempered glass.  Masks made with plastic lens fog up easily.
  • Low Volume: Look for masks that sit closer to your face, thus holding less air and so require less air to equalize and clear.
  • Adjustability: Look for a snorkel mask for sale with easy to use buckles and straps.
  • Snorkel Attachment: Ensure that you can easily attach a snorkel to your mask.




Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Ocean Reef Aria full face snorkel mask is a popular choice for anyone after the best full face snorkel mask.  Aria is well known for making high quality aquatic equipment, so with this mask you can be confident you’re buying a great product.

The Aria snorkel mask has 180º panoramic view, so you’ll get the best view of the marine life.  It also sits back closer to the face which gives its great peripheral vision as opposed to your traditional style masks.  The Ocean Reef snorkel mask provides a great seal, preventing any water leaks and it’s also fog free so you get great visibility.

The snorkel is a dry top snorkel, so you don’t need to be concerned about unexpected waves coming along and you taking a big gulp of water.  It’s also perfect for those that like to dive down deeper as the purge valve allows you to easily clear excess water from the mask.

Read any of the Aria full face snorkel mask reviews and you will note lots of happy customers, saying that this is one of the most comfortable full-face masks they have worn.  Many people have reported using the masks daily during their vacation and never once had any water leaks or had the mask fog up.

The Aria panoramic snorkel mask also has some pretty cool additional accessories too such as the snorkie talkie, which allows you to talk with your snorkeling buddies.  You can even get a mask that allows you to mount your sports camera so you can record your snorkeling experiences.  These masks are also compatible for you to add your own corrective lens too.

While certainly one of the most expensive masks in this guide, this is without a doubt a top-quality mask.  It also comes in multiple colors and sizes, so you can get the perfect fit for everyone in the family.

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ME MARTIN ELITE Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

The Tribord easybreath full face snorkel mask is another top-rated mask designed to provide panoramic views to enhance your underwater experience.

This Tribord snorkel mask has a 180 degree panoramic view ensuring you will get the most out of your snorkeling experience with one of the largest viewing areas of all the snorkel masks on the market.  The mask also features a silicone face skirt that is super comfortable and provides a watertight seal. Read any easybreath snorkeling mask review and you’ll find most people report that the mask provides great visibility, and generally remains fog free. 

The Tribord easybreath snorkeling mask features a double air-flow system which is the same system that is used in extraction fans.  This allows for natural breathing through the nose and mouth, in fact you breath so naturally with this mask, you might as well still be on dry land. The air circulation concept also helps to prevent leaking or fogging up of the mask.

The mask also has a Dry Top snorkel system that helps to limit water coming in through the snorkel when you least expect it.

The Tribord full face snorkel mask comes in a range of colors and also two different sizes.  Designed it fit most people from the age of 10, this is a great mask for anyone after a full-face snorkel mask.

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SeaELF Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount

The SeaElf snorkel is a top full face snorkel mask for anyone after a relatively inexpensive snorkel mask that allows you to mount your GoPro.  This is the perfect snorkel mask with GoPro mount for those that want to record their underwater experiences. 

This full face mask is frameless and has an uninterrupted 180-degree view as well as a flat lens to give you the ultimate snorkeling experience.   With this mask you’ll be able to see all the marine life without

any distortion or distractions in the mask. The mask also has a comfortable silicone edge which creates a watertight seal and adjustable elastic straps.

The mask has separate inhaling and exhaling channels, which effectively stops fogging.   There is also anti-foggy coating on the lens too.  The mouth drain valve helps with draining water away without taking off the mask by simply raising your head if water enters the mask.

For easy transportation, the breathing tube is foldable and the camera mount is removable too.  Other great features of this mask include the Dry Top system to prevent water from entering your snorkel, the included detachable Silica Earplugs, and a mesh bag to keep the mask. 

Reading through the full face snorkel mask review posts on this particular mask there are a lot of happy reviewers who say that this mask never fogs up and that the mask fits great.   

The inexpensive SeaElf snorkel masks is a great accessory for your upcoming vacation.  Coming in a few different sizes and a trillion colors, you can get a different colored one for every member of the family.  With this snorkel mask you’ll be able to record all those wonderful vacation moments – even the ones underwater.

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Seaview 180 Panoramic Head Snorkel Mask

Yet another popular choice for a full face snorkel mask is the Seaview 180 Panoramic Head full face snorkel mask.  This mask features all the essentials for the perfect snorkeling experience.

This Seaview snorkel mask allows for natural breathing through the nose and mouth.  The anti-fog design helps to provide a crystal-clear view while you are underwater and the mask provides a large field of view so you can see as much as possible underwater.

The mask features a comfortable silicone skirt that provides a great watertight seal, as well as adjustable straps for the perfect fit.  Plus with the dry top snorkel, you won’t have to worry about any water coming down into this 180 snorkel mask.

Read any Head snorkel mask reviews and you’ll find many people reporting how much they like this mask.  Many say they haven’t experienced any fogging or leaking water with the mask as well as saying how comfortable it is to wear.

Coming in a range of different colors and sizes, the Seaview full face snorkel mask is a great one to consider for anyone after a no-fuss, top quality mask.

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Best Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask: Vaincre Kids Mask

It’s essential that you purchase a full face mask with a perfect fit and so many of the masks discussed already are not appropriate for young children.  If you are looking for a kid’s full face snorkel mask then the Vaincre 180-degree full face snorkel is well worth considering.

Sometimes kids learning to snorkel can become confused about how to breathe through a regular snorkel mask, which is where a children’s full face snorkel mask can be a good alternative.  Through this mask children can breathe naturally through their nose and mouth as if they weren’t even underwater.

The Vaincre kids snorkel mask offers a panoramic view so your child will be able to make the most of their snorkeling experience and it also has a detachable GoPro camera stand so they are able to film the whole thing and share with friends and family.

Other great features of this full face snorkel mask for children are the anti-fog lens and the dry snorkel system that doesn’t let water in through the snorkel becoming a hazard or distraction for your child.

Coming in a range of different sizes and available in five different color options, you can purchase one in your child’s favorite color.  This is a great product to purchase and get your littles into experienced snorkelers at a young age.

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Best Snorkel Mask for Kids: Speedo Junior Recreation Mask

Receiving the Women’s Choice Award for America’s most recommended swim goggles in 2017 and 2018, you know you’re getting a great product with these kids Speedo Junior Recreation snorkel mask.

This is a framed double lens snorkel mask, so provides a good sturdy fit for little beginners.  The mask is fitted with polycarbonate lenses with an anti-fog coating for great visibility.  The mask features a good quality silicone skirt which ensures a good tight seal for a leak-proof fit.

This mask is perfect for kids aged between 6 and 14 years of age and comes in a range of great colors so your children can easily identify which mask is theirs.  They also have an easy to use adjustable head strap for a good fit.

If you’re after a snorkel mask for your kids which will last for years to come, the Speedo Junior Recreation Mask is a great choice.

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Cressi Snorkel Mask

Cressi is a well-known Italian brand which makes great products when it comes to scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming equipment, so it’s no surprise that this Cressi snorkel mask set is one of the most popular snorkel masks currently on the market. 

This snorkel mask is frameless and has a single lens which fits closer to the face.  The lens is ultra-clear and made with tempered glass for great visibility and durability.  The mask also features an easy access nose pocket which can be used with one hand for ear equalization.

The double feathered skirt is made from high grade silicone and provides a great tight seal and is soft and comfortable on the face.  Molded directly into the skirt is the wide split mask strap.  The strap features a push button buckle for easy adjustability.

The included snorkel features an anti-splash end which gives you that peace of mind that you won’t unexpected take a big gulp of sea water.  Plus if you want to dive down, the special valve seals when submerged.

Check out any Cressi mask review and you will find lots of happy customers, so you can purchase this product with the confidence that you’re getting the best Cressi mask set.  It also comes in a great range of colors so you can get a different color for every family member.

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Swimstar Snorkel Set

View the underwater world beautifully with the Swimstar Snorkel Set that ticks all the boxes at a great price.

This snorkel mask has a single lens tempered glass design which will give you a completely uninterrupted view of everything under the surface so you won’t to miss a thing. The silicone skirt edge is super comfortable and watertight so you won’t need to worry about water creeping in.

The anti-fog coating prevents your view from being obstructed and the tempered glass lens is made to last a long time so it will last you many snorkeling seasons and not easily wear out over time. The hypoallergenic silicone mouth piece is super comfortable to wear and use too.

Another great feature of this adjustable snorkel mask is the 100% dry snorkel which makes it very safe to use as you won’t have to worry about water filling up in the snorkel and the large purge valve makes it super easy to clean out.

Available in black, blue, pink and yellow you will be able to buy whichever color you prefer and know that you are buying an awesome snorkeling set that will last you many summers to come.

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Best Cheap Snorkel Mask: US Divers Snorkel Set

If you are looking for the best cheap snorkel mask that will still do a great job but not blow your budget when shopping for holiday accessories, then consider the U.S. Divers Icon mask and snorkel set.

The best budget snorkel mask will allow you to have a comfortable and clear snorkeling experience without a big upfront investment. This framed mask features a double lens, a comfortable skirt and a 3-way adjustable buckle for a good secure fit.  

This mask has a super easy to use clip that keeps the snorkel in place while you are using it. While the included snorkel isn’t a dry top, so you will need to be careful to not get water in it. However the snorkel does feature a one-way purge valve tube so you can easily clear the snorkel as required. 

This cheap snorkel mask is available in black and electric blue and promises to give you a flexible, secure and comfortable fit.

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Best Prescription Snorkel Mask: Promate Snorkel Mask

If you’re a wearer of regular prescription glasses, then don’t worry as there is no need for you to miss out on a clear snorkeling experience.  The Promate Snorkel Mask with prescription lens ensures you have perfect vision so you can have crystal clear visions while spending time under the water.

With this snorkel mask for glasses wearers, you order custom lenses to ensure you have great vision.  Even if you have a more complicated vision problem such as correction needed for both long and short-sightedness or multi-vision you can contact the seller and they will assist you. There is also the option to have different prescription strengths for each eye.

The mask features a framed lens, which is made from tempered glass.  The mask also has a liquid silicone injected skirt for a double edge seal and adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.  However please note that the manufacturer recommends this mask for those with a medium-sized face.

So no more sitting out, while the rest of your family and friends go snorkeling, go order yourself a snorkel mask with your individual prescription and explore life underwater with clear vision.

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OMORC Snorkel Set

The OMORC Snorkel Set is a high quality and super comfortable snorkel set that have a great fit and look really sleek and stylish.

It is super easy to breathe with this snorkel, and the top dry feature will actually stop any water from coming in down the snorkel too. There is a purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel that helps you to easily get rid of any water from inside the tube if need be.

The tempered glass gives a crystal clear view and has been treated with an anti-fog treatment to prevent the framed mask from fogging up and obstructing your vision while you are underwater. The lens is scratch-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the mask getting scratched in your bag or suitcase and means you will always have high clarity while snorkeling.

Other great features of this snorkel set are the adjustable elastic silicone strap, soft liquid silicone skirt, food-grade silicone mouthpiece and clip for attaching the snorkel to the face mask easily.

This is a great snorkel set at a really good price and would be ideal for beginner snorkelers and divers. 

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