Sandals South Coast Review & Guide

Sandals South Coast Resort is one of our favorite resorts in Jamaica- it’s actually Andrew’s favorite Sandals, and in Kristin’s top 3 Sandals Resorts in Jamaica.  There’s a lot to know about this large and secluded resort, so we put together a full Sandals South Coast Review and Guide to explain everything you need to know about the resort and also give you our inside tips and favorite spots.  Not sure which Sandals in Jamaica you want to go to? We have a guide for that too!

Check out our guide to the Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica HERE– hint, the best all depends on what you like!

Want to know why we love Sandals South Coast All Inclusive?  It’s a large property with plenty of beachfront so it never feels crowded.  There are tons of restaurants to choose from, areas for a lively party atmosphere as well as areas for quiet relaxation, and unique room options like South Seas Rondovals(our favorite) and overwater bungalows.  Andrew loves the large unobstructed area to sail the hobie cats and paddleboard, and more water sports are offered here than at some of the other Sandals resorts.  

And the negatives…It’s around a 90 minute mountainous drive from the airport, so for those who get car sick, like me, the drive can be a bit miserable.  It’s nowhere near as bad as St. Lucia though.  The beach is nice, but it’s a harder sand rather than soft and powdery, and the water has quite a bit of sea grass and gets a bit mucky about 5 feet out from shore.

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Sandals South Coast Highlights


Map of all Sandals Resorts in Jamaica and Beaches Resorts in Jamaica

Where is Sandals South Coast? It’s located just outside of Whitehouse Jamaica on the southern side of the island.

How far is sandals south coast from the airport? It’s a 1 1/2- 2 hour drive from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, and about 3 1/2 hours from the airport in Kingston.

Sandals South Coast Map


There are so many wonderful restaurants at this South Coast Jamaica Sandals that it can be hard to narrow it down.  Our dinner favorites were the lobster at Schooners, volcano roll at Sushi at Sushi on the Sand.  For lunch, you just don’t get much better than Jerk Shack.  We love the fish in foil, Jerk Chicken, and of course, festival.  

One of our favorite things to do at Sandals is stop in for Sushi as an appetizer.  Just make sure you arrive early enough as there is often a wait at Sushi on the Sand.

I have a major sweet tooth, so I’ve discovered that I don’t really enjoy staying at any Sandals properties that don’t offer a Cafe de Paris– and luckily Sandals South Coast has one!  I pop in there nearly every day- sometimes twice a day- and grab a sweet treat.

We haven’t made it to Jasmine’s yet, but people rave about it.  So, it’s at the top of our list for our next trip.

Nearly all of the restaurants will have an evening drink special- try them all!  I’ve found these to be some of my favorite drinks.

All Day

Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris Exterior Sandals South Coast
  • What to expect:  Pastry Shop
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: Outdoor Dining

Cafe de Paris is my go to spot at any Sandals Resort!  I have a major sweet tooth, and I love popping in throughout the day or grabbing a treat before bed.  

Check out the Menu HERE.



Bayside Breakfast outdoor view at Sandals South Coast
  • What to expect:  Breakfast Buffet
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: Air conditioned Indoor or Outdoor Dining

Our Sandals South Coast Reviews wouldn’t be complete without talking about Bayside, the central restaurant at nearly every Sandals resort.  The breakfast buffet is a quick and easy way to start the day with just about anything you could imagine from made-to-order omelets to fruit and yogurt.

Check out the menus HERE.


Schooners with ocean in background
  • What to expect: A la Carte Breakfast
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: Outdoor Dining

With Sandals South Coast being such a large resort, Schooners offers delicious beachfront a la carte breakfast at the west side of the resort near the French Building with interesting options like the super avocado toast.  

Check out the menus HERE.


  • What to expect: A la Carte Breakfast
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining:  Air Conditioned Indoor or Outdoor Dining

On the east end of the property, the other a la carte breakfast option is Eleanors.  It offers traditional Jamaican breakfast options as well as many things you’d find on any breakfast menu like eggs benedict- my favorite! 

Check out Menus HERE.



  • What to expect: Themed Buffet
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: Air conditioned Indoor or Outdoor Dining

Bayside offers a fun themed lunch buffet changing a bit each day.  It’s a great quick option when you don’t want to spend much of your day at a restaurant.

Check out the Menus HERE.


  • What to expect: Pizza
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining:  Outdoor Dining

For lunch, Giuseppe’s offers pizza similar to Dino’s at other Sandals locations.  There are lots of options to choose from and it makes a great easy lunch to grab and take to your patio or chairs at the beach or pool.

Check out Menus HERE.


Schooners lunch with ocean view
  • What to expect:  Casual Jamaican Dishes, Wraps, and Salads
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: Beachfront Outdoor Dining

Although a seafood restaurant for dinner, at lunch, Schooners offers much more casual options like burgers, quesadillas, and salads, similar to Neptunes.  The views at Schooners can’t be beat being right on the water near the overwater bungalows.

Schooners jamaican patties
Schooners quesadillas Sandals South Coast

Check out the menus HERE.


  • What to expect: Salads, Sandwiches, & Wraps
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: beachfront outdoor dining

Neptune’s offers similar light lunch options to Schooners, like salads and wraps.  It’s a great casual option near the main pool and watersports area.

Check out Menus HERE.

The Jerk Shack

Jerk Shack at Sandals South Coast Whitehouse
  • What to expect:  Casual Jamaican Jerk
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: beachfront outdoor dining

Always our favorite lunch spot!  We LOVE the Jerk Shack.  The Jerk Chicken and Fish in Foil are our favorites, and I always have to have some delicious festival.  It’s an easy meal to grab and take to your beach chair, or eat at the restaurant right on the water.

Check menu HERE.



Bayside Evening Exterior Sandals South Coast
  • What to expect:  French Cuisine
  • Dress code: Resort Casual Dress
  • Dining: Air conditioned Indoor Dining or Outdoor Dining

An often overlooked dinner restaurant, Bayside has some fantastic French food in the evening.  The Chicken Cordon Bleu and Lobster Thermidor are some of the most popular items on the menu.

Check out the Menus HERE.


Guiseppe's Exterior South Coast
  • What to expect:  Italian Cuisine
  • Dress code: Resort Casual Dress
  • Dining: Air conditioned Indoor Dining or Outdoor Dining
  • Reservation Required

Giuseppe’s serves the traditional Italian fare you would expect, but with a fun twist- an antipasto bar!  There were so many good choices on the bar that I struggled not to fill up before the main course arrived.  

Guiseppe's Antipasto Bar
Guiseppe's Lasagna at South Coast Sandals
Guiseppe's Mussels and cheeses from antipasto bar
Guiseppe's Gnocchi at Sandals South Coast

Check out Menus HERE.


Schooners exterior night at Sandals South Coast
  • What to expect:  Beachside Seafood Cuisine
  • Dress code: Resort Casual Dress
  • Dining:  Covered Outdoor Dining 
  • Reservation Required

This is my favorite dinner spot for our reviews of Sandals South Coast.  The seafood is always delicious- my personal favorite is the Caribbean Lobster Tail- and it’s a perfectly romantic spot right on the water.  

Schooners Caribbean Lobster Tail
Schooners Surf and Turf at Sandals South Coast

Check out the menus HERE.


Neptunes Exterior at night Sandals South Coast
  • What to expect:  Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Dress code: Resort Casual Dress
  • Dining: Covered Outdoor Dining 

In the evening Neptune’s is a good casual spot that doesn’t require reservations.  The Mediterranean cuisine includes things like Cioppino and Pan Fried Crab Cakes.

Check out Menus HERE.


  • What to expect:  Caribbean Fine Dining
  • Dress code: Resort Evening Dress
  • Dining: Air conditioned Indoor Dining or Outdoor Dining 
  • Reservations Required

Eleanor’s is one of the most popular spots for dinner, so it can be a bit difficult to get a reservation.  But, once you get one, it’s well worth it.  The Jamaican dishes are some of the best at the resort.

Eleanor's Surf and Turf South Coast
Eleanor's Fish Cake South Coast

Check out Menus HERE.


Jasmine's Exterior Sandals South Coast
  • What to expect: Asian Cuisine
  • Dress code: Resort Casual Dress
  • Dining: Air-conditioned indoor dining

This Asian restaurant seems to fly a bit under the radar, but it’s food is frequently mentioned as people’s favorite in Sandals South Coast Jamaica Reviews.  Make sure to try the shrimp kisses!

Check out the Menu HERE.

Sushi on the Sand

Sushi on the Sand Sushi Bar and Rolls
  • What to expect:  Sushi Bar
  • Dress code: Resort Casual Dress
  • Dining: Air conditioned Indoor Dining or Outdoor Dining 

A close second- but just barely- to Schooners, we try to stop by Sushi on the Sand most nights for appetizers.  The rolls are served with just 4 pieces each, so it’s perfect for an appetizer, or to try lots of things!

Check out the menu HERE.

Late Night


Neptunes Exterior at night Sandals South Coast
  • What to expect: Soups, Salads, Wraps
  • Dress code: Resort casual dress
  • Dining: Beachfront Outdoor Dining

This is the spot for late night snacks.  It’s mostly casual bar type food that’s great to grab after a night of fun.

Check out Menus HERE.


Resort casual

Where restaurants list “casual” they are fine with shorts and really any type of shirt/t-shirt. Swimwear should be covered though and you must still wear shoes.

Resort evening

In the more formal restaurants, shorts aren’t allowed. You’ll need to wear pants or dresses and dress shirts. No t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, tennis shoes, flip flops, or hats.


You can’t make reservations before you arrive, so this should be the first thing on your agenda after arrival as many places book up quickly. Don’t worry, you will always find somewhere to eat, it just may not be your first pick.

Butler level

You can’t get reservations before you arrive. However, if you have butler service, you can include reservations you hope for and they will do their best. Always ask on arrival as well in case they haven’t looked into the reservations yet.

Club Level

Reservations can be booked in the club lounge. 

Luxury Level

You can book at the culinary desk just off the main lobby.


Casa Blanca Martini Bar

Casa Blanca Martini Bar night at Sandals South Coast

Main Swim Up Bar

Kristin at Main Pool Sandals South Coast

Le Cabaret Bar

Dutch Bar


Latitudes at night Sandals South Coast

French Swim Up Bar


Reviews of Sandals South Coast absolutely must include one of the most popular topics- DRINKS! My personal favorite drink would be the “Bob Marley”, but make sure to try several things. Most restaurants will have a special for the evening, so those are fun to try. Other than that, ask the bartenders for recommendations – stand back and watch them make a couple of drinks and ask the names of the ones that look good. If you see someone walk by with something interesting, ask them what it is.  

The frozen drinks are mostly a combination of one or more of the 3 daiquiri flavors at the daytime bars- strawberry daiquiri, mango daiquiri, and pina colada.  

Other popular drinks:
Miami Vice
Rum punch
Dirty banana
Purple rain

Wines available – You can find all Robert Mondavi wines in the room and at the bar. You can purchase other wines by the bottle at the nicer restaurants.

Beers available – it’s Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light – that’s usually it. You can just ask for “a beer” because there are no choices. But, that’s not a bad thing – the beer is good, so don’t worry about the brands.


Entertainment in Le Cabaret at Sandals South Coast

Entertainment is always subject to change and the schedule isn’t posted online.   But, it rarely changes much.  Look on the app once on the property and it will show all the options for activities for the day. You can also ask for a printout of the week’s activity schedule at the front desk.

The main themes for each night, as of our last visit in 2022:

  • Caribbean Carnival Beach Party
  • Reggae Live
  • Love Hop/Silent Disco(White Night)
  • Island Night
  • Sandals Rewind
  • Jamaica Experience

There’s really no need to know exactly what’s going on before you arrive at Sandals South Coast Resort Jamaica. You don’t have to wear all white to the white party. And if you’re super concerned about it, just make sure to pack one white dress/shirt.

Sandals Love Hop White Night Silent Disco

The two things I never miss while at Sandals are the Silent Disco Party and the Foam Party.  I normally stick to the quieter spots on the resort, but love to venture out to these fun parties!


Room service is not available for luxury level rooms.  

Club level rooms include a limited room service menu that’s available from 7 am-10 pm.

If you have a Butler Level Room, you can ask for anything available at South Coast Sandals Jamaica and they will try to get it for you. Order in from one of the restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner on your balcony.  When your butler is off duty, a limited room service menu is available 24hrs.  You will also have a breakfast door hanger if you’d like an early breakfast or coffee delivered to your room.


Sandals South Coast has two of the most sought after room categories, so for a unique stay look at a sandals south coast bungalow or a sandals south coast rondoval.  The rondovals are our favorite!!

Overwater Bungalows from Ocean
Sandals South Coast Rondoval from water

There are technically 3 levels of rooms from “luxury” up to “butler” that each include different services.


Luxury is the base level, but really most things are included at all levels at Sandals.  The only things luxury level rooms miss out on are the club lounge(a separate room for check-in, games, snacks, and making dinner reservations).  Luxury level can check with the front desk for anything you need, and making dinner reservations is done with the culinary desk.   The biggest drawback is that room service isn’t included at the luxury level.


This room category is the mid-range level and includes concierge services, access to the club lounge, and room service. The club concierge will assist you with making dinner reservations, as well as reservations for the spa and tours. 

Learn more about Sandals Club Level Service Here.


This is the full-service room category. No, it’s not that an individual butler is always ready to serve you 24/7. But, they will bring things to you, prepare coolers and chairs at the beach for you, drop off snacks, draw baths, etc. They’re nice to have, but if I’m being completely honest, it’s not such a pain to walk 1 minute to Cafe de Paris for a sweet treat, walk the short trip to the bar, or draw my own bath. 

The biggest benefit of the butler is making dinner reservations and reserving beach chairs for you. Making your whole Jamaica South Coast Sandals experience feel more luxurious. Sometimes it’s hard to get into places or get a chair in a prime spot with shade, but the butlers can usually make it happen. Butlers are not an “add-on” service, but are included with certain rooms.

Learn more about Sandals Butler Service Here.

Requesting a Specific Room

This is always a request and never guaranteed. You must call the 1800 number to put in the request. I’ve found it’s best to mention the location you prefer rather than a specific room number – like the third floor further from the bar…etc. That way if your specific room number is unavailable, they know what you’re looking for and can try to accommodate you.

Check Prices and Availability for All Rooms Here.


Sandals South Coast Overwater Bungalows

South Coast Overwater Bungalow Map

Booking a Sandals South Coast Overwater Bungalow is a splurge, but so secluded and romantic. They come with highly personalized butler service allowing you to enjoy your own private oasis without ever leaving.

We haven’t splurged for one yet, but it’s up there on our bucketlist. So, I don’t have any first hand experience with these rooms, but they look amazing and everyone raves about them. But, we often hear that people like the rondovals just as well.

Sandals south coast overwater bungalow interior, Photo Credit Sandals Resorts
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts
Sandals South Coast Overwater Bungalow deck, Photo Credit Sandals South Coast
Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts

A sandals south coast overwater bungalow review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the prime room numbers. The rooms to the left of the map above face an empty beach and would be more private than the rooms to the right that face the resort. But, the first 3 on each side will have more beach and ocean views rather than open ocean and are slightly less private. The Prime room numbers for privacy and sunsets are 6004-6008.

Check Prices and Availability for Overwater Bungalows HERE.

French Village

French Buildings from left side Sandals South Coast

The French Village is located furthest from the main dining area, and near the overwater bungalows, in our opinion, the nicer side of the beach.  However, these buildings have not been recently updated, and the pool in front of them is considered a “party pool”, so it can be a bit noisy at times.  

The building on the left(from the beach) has 3-4 rooms with views partially blocked by the back of Schooners.

Left Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  BW(luxury)3134-3127
2nd Floor:  DL(luxury)3234-3227
3rd Floor:  LX(luxury)3334-3327
4th Floor:  GB(luxury)3434-3427

Middle Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  BW(luxury)3126-3117
2nd Floor:  DL(luxury)3226-3217
3rd Floor:  LX(luxury)3226-3217
4th Floor:  GB(luxury)3226-3217

Right Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  BW(luxury) 3116-3110
2nd Floor:  DL(luxury) 3216-3210
3rd Floor:  LX(luxury) 3316-3310
4th Floor:  GB(luxury) 3416-3410

Oceanfront Building left to Right

French Buildings from Ocean South Coast
French Building View of Beach and Ocean Sandals South Coast

This building is oceanfront, but the views are semi obstructed by trees, and there is a drainage ditch to the right side of the building. Although this building is “oceanfront”, the views aren’t quite as good as the views in the Butler Oceanfront buildings in the Dutch and French Villages. But, since all of the French Buildings have the same room categories, this is the building I would choose, hands down!

1st Floor: BW(luxury) 3108-3101
2nd Floor: DL(luxury) 3208-3201
3rd Floor: LX(luxury) 3308-3301
4th Floor: GB(luxury) 3408-3401

Sandals South Coast Rondovals

South Coast Rondovals Map Aerial view with room numbers

If you’re looking for Sandals South Coast Rondovals Reviews, we have you covered. We stayed in one for our 10th Anniversary and LOVED it. It’s become our favorite room category. I was worried about not having a view of the ocean, but the privacy these offered outweighed the ocean views.

Sandals South Coast Rondoval from water
Rondoval Pool Sandals South Coast

They feel like they are in their own little private sanctuary. Although the pool is public, no one but the rondoval guests really uses it. Our favorite activity was floating around the “river” pool. There’s also a nice plunge pool with complete privacy right out your door.

Rondoval Morning coffee and yogurt
Kristin floating on raft in Rondoval pool

We stayed in room 4118, and felt it was quite private. Nearly all of the rondoval patios will face one other room, but if you’re looking for the most privacy, we would choose room 4110. The way it’s positioned, your patio faces a lawn area rather than another rondoval. The Rondovals to the left of the bridge offer the least privacy in our opinion(Rooms 4101-4103 & 4120.

Bed Decorated by Butler Sandals Rondoval South Coast
Rondoval pool at South Coast Sandals

Check prices and availability for Rondovals HERE.

Dutch Village 

Sandals South Coast Dutch Pool

If we can’t stay in a rondoval, then we choose to stay in the Dutch Village as it’s quieter, recently renovated, and also centrally located. Three of the buildings in the Dutch Village wrap around the “quiet pool”, as the Dutch Pool is referred to at South Coast. you won’t find a party or loud music at this pool. It’s the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Dutch Building Right Side Sandals South Coast
Dutch Buildings from Ocean Sandals South Coast

The fourth building in the Dutch Village is one of the two butler buildings at South Coast. The butler Dutch Building and the butler Italian Building sit near the tip of the beach next to each other with unobstructed views of the ocean.

Left Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  SLX(club) 2128- 2121
2nd Floor:  DGB(luxury) 2228- 2221
3rd Floor:  DGB(luxury)2328- 2321
4th Floor:  DJS(club) 2428-2421

Middle Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  SLX(club) 2120-2111
2nd Floor:  DGB(luxury) 2220-2211
3rd Floor:  DGB(luxury) 2320- 2311
4th Floor:  DJS(club) 2420- 2411

Right Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  SUP(club)2110-2105
2nd Floor:  DVS(club) 2210-2205
3rd Floor:  DVS(club) 2310- 2305
4th Floor:  DVS(club) 2410- 2405

Dutch Beachfront Butler Building

Dutch Building Butler Rooms Sandals South Coast
Dutch Building View of Ocean from Pool South Coast

1st Floor: 1SUP(butler)2104-2101
2nd Floor: DB1(butler) 2204-2201
3rd Floor: DB1(butler) 2304-2301
4th Floor: DP1(butler) 2404-2401

Italian Village

Italian Building hot tub and Center Building Sandals South Coast

The Italian Village was recently renovated and is located closest to the main dining and pool area. These buildings are the closest to most of the dining options, the main pool, and the watersports area. They also do not overlook a pool, but rather a garden area with an incredibly large hot tub(that no one seems to use for some reason) in the middle.

They offer somewhat more privacy than the French or Dutch rooms due to the extra shrubs and greenery around. But, the beach in this area does have an area of trees that obstructs the view of the ocean more than in other locations.

Italian Butler Building

Butler Buildings Dutch and Italian from the Ocean South Coast
Italian Building view of beach and ocean from Butler Rooms South Coast

1st Floor:  IW1(butler)1128- 1125
2nd Floor: IB1(butler)1228- 1225
3rd Floor: IB1(butler)1328- 1325
4th Floor:  IB1(butler)1428- 1425

Left Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  IVWS(club) 1124- 1119
2nd Floor: IVS(club) 1224- 1219
3rd Floor: IVS(club) 1324- 1319
4th Floor:  IVS(club) 1424- 1419

Middle Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  IWJS(club) 1118- 1109
2nd Floor: IGB(luxury) 1218- 1209
3rd Floor: IGB(luxury) 1318- 1309
4th Floor:  IJS(club)1418- 1409

Right Building from the Ocean

1st Floor:  IWJS(club) 1108- 1101
2nd Floor: IGB(luxury)1208- 1201
3rd Floor: IGB(luxury) 1308- 1301
4th Foorl:  IJS(club) 1408- 1401


The butler rooms are really located in three areas.  There are Sandals South Coast Jamaica Overwater Bungalows, the South Seas Rondovals, and the two butler buildings- one Italian and one Dutch- that are both located near the point of the beach area.

Anniversary Dinner on Patio by Sandals Butler
Chairs Reserved with cooler by butler at Sandals

The overwater bungalows offer slightly more personalized butler service as those butlers do not serve as many rooms allowing for more dedication to each guest.  

If you want to learn all about Sandals Butler service, including ideas on what to ask for and what to expect, make sure to check out our full Sandals Butler Service post here.


As always, bring more than you think you’ll need just in case.  There always ends up being an extra guide or assistant on excursions, or an unexpected cab ride that wasn’t planned for.

Most importantly, no one on the Sandals staff is allowed to take a tip except Butlers and Spa attendants.  They can be fired for accepting a tip, so please just don’t try.  Airport shuttle drivers(even the included “Sandals” shuttle) and any tour operators are not Sandals staff, so they can be tipped.

  • Club Mobay attendants: This is a separate service but many at Sandals use it – $10-20
  • Red cap at airport: $2-5 (depending on # of bags – at least $1/bag)
  • Shuttle Driver or Private Driver:  $10-$20 each way
  • Excursion guides and drivers: $5-20 per person depending on how long, involved, or personalized the excursion is.
  • Spa Attendants: +/-20%, but keep in mind that a 12.5% gratuity is automatically calculated into the bill (double check your bill to be sure before you leave a tip).
  • Butlers: Tip as you see fit at the end of your stay. Many bring thank you cards and place the tip in those before they leave: $20-30 per butler per shift 
  • Overwater Butlers: Tip as you see fit at the end of your stay. Many bring thank you cards and place the tip in those before they leave: $50-100 per butler per shift – mainland butlers on average get $20/day x 6 rooms = $120, so with overwater butlers who only have 2 rooms, $60 would be a similar daily tip.
  • Cabana butlers: You can rent a cabana for a day which comes with a butler to care for you at the cabana – they will bring you drinks, and food, and try to meet any needs you have while there – an average tip would be $20-50


Beach and ocean in front of french building looking out to overwater bungalows Sandals South Coast

The beach and ocean at Sandals South Coast are a hotly debated topic in the Sandals community.  Some love the beach there as it’s very long and allows people to spread out or take long oceanfront walks.  

Overwater Bungalows Cabanas at Sandals South Coast
Beach in front of French Building Pool looking toward Latitudes Bar South Coast

However, the sand can be quite hard, as opposed to soft and fluffy sand many expect.  And, the main bother to people is the seagrass.  The seagrass comes up nearly to the shore, contains many sea urchins, and can be a bit mucky so that your feet sink as you walk out into the ocean.  

Paddleboards on beach with seagrass in front of main pool at South Coast Sandals
Seagrass from ocean in front of Main Pool

So, depending on what kind of beach you’re looking for, the beach at South Coast may be perfect for you, or may disappoint a bit.  If you’re looking for less sea grass and soft powdery sand- check out Sandals Montego Bay or Sandals Royal Plantation.  They are Kristin’s favorite because this type of beach is preferable to her.  But Andrew is perfectly happy at Sandals South Coast.


South Coast Sandals is in Whitehouse Jamaica, and is a pretty secluded location.  Make sure to check the travel time on excursions before you book them, as some can be long trips.

The most popular excursions at Sandals South Coast are:


Sandals South Coast, formerly known as Sandals Whitehouse due to its location just outside of Whitehouse Jamaica, has a large footprint, and therefore plenty of grounds to explore.  Not only does it have a two mile stretch of beach to walk, but there are also plenty of green spaces throughout the resort with hammocks, swings, and little cabanas for seclusion.

Many of the Sandals properties have to maximize a small strip of land along the beach, and therefore do not have large areas of green space.  Sandals South Coast is not one of those.  It feels very open and spread out.  This does mean that more walking may be required to get to certain activities or restaurants though.  


Sandals South Coast offers just about any land and water sport you could want.  Andrew loves to spend his days out on the hobie cats.  We also take advantage of the snorkeling trips to the reef just off shore, water skiing, paddle boarding, and playing giant chess.  

Beach in front of main pool with watersports area South Coast
Land Sports Connect Four in Cabana

There are several tennis courts on site, and some have been adjusted to be used for pickleball, which has become wildly popular.  If you want it, chances are, Sandals South Coast has it.

See the list of included Land and Water Sports Here.


Main Pool & Hot Tub

This is the large pool at the center of the main dining area, and is a fun and lively place to hang out at the bar or join in activities.

Sandals South Coast Main Pool

Scuba Pool

Italian Hot Tub

Italian Building hot tub and Center Building Sandals South Coast

Dutch Pool & Hot Tub

This is the quiet pool.  You won’t find music blasting or playmakers entertaining.  It’s the perfect spot to read a book, take a nap, or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Dutch Building Pool Sandals South Coast

French Pool & Hot Tub

This is the party pool.  There’s always fun music playing and games to join at this lively spot.

French pool and hot tub Sandals South Coast

Rondoval Lagoon

Rondoval pool at South Coast Sandals

No one really seems to go in this pool except rondoval guests, but it’s our FAVORITE.  When we stayed in the Rondovals, we floated laps around the lagoon every night before bed.


Fitness Center & Classes

Fitness Center at Sandals South Coast

24/7 Gym with lots of cardio and weight equipment. The gym does actually get quite a bit of use in the morning – people must be trying to work off all of the food and drinks before slipping into bathing suits for the day! 

There are several fitness classes available as well, but I’ve not tried any. Maybe on some trip, I will find the motivation.

Red Lane Spa

Again, the spa isn’t really my thing.  But, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about all of their services.  So, if you’re looking for a romantic couples massage or some specialty pampering, this is your place.

Don’t forget- the spa attendants CAN be tipped!



Everyone is always concerned about what to wear. No need to stress about it – keep it simple.


Daytime – bathing suit, sundress, beach sandals.

Evening – A resort dress is better than a sundress but more casual than a cocktail dress (but, you will see all sorts and no one stands out), nicer sandals (some wear fancier sandals/flip flops, and others wear heels – just make sure to wear some that are easy to walk in sand. You won’t HAVE to walk on the beach in the evening, but it’s much easier not to worry about not having the right shoes on) We see lots of wedges and espadrilles, which are a perfect mix of fancy and easy to walk on the beach with.


Daytime – swim shorts, lightweight shirt, sandals.

Evening – linen/lightweight pants & shorts (a few restaurants require long pants), polo or button-down lightweight shirt, boat shoes.

Necessary items:

Large plastic bag – for wet clothes when coming home

Baggies – they always come in handy on trips

Swimsuit in carry-on to hit the beach even for if the room isn’t ready


Cash for tips

Thank you cards for butler (optional) 

Bug spray – I think they keep up on keeping the grounds sprayed, but I always bring just in case

Things many recommend that we didn’t find necessary:

Towel clips – towels can tuck into spots on chairs

Metal straws – Sandals use paper, but they don’t bother us.

Yeti large drink cups to keep your drinks frozen all day – never used mine, or perhaps I just drank my drinks quite fast.

In Room Toiletries

Toiletries at Sandals South Coast

There is a hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, bath bomb, lotion, soap, nail file, and q-tips. These are all good quality and larger size so there’s no need to pack your own, even for girls like me with curly tangly hair.


We always bring our own easily packable hammock style floats.  There are a few of the large yellow floating circles spread out along the beach area, but they are often taken.  Some swim-up rooms have their own floats, but they are large and heavy and not good to carry out to the ocean.

Club MoBay

This is an arrival and departure service. Arrivals assist you from the plane to the arrivals lounge to wait for transportation. You get expedited service through customs and immigration and access to the Club MoBay lounge on arrival. For departure, you have access to the Club MoBay departure lounge.


We love Sandals South Coast, and it’s one of our favorite Sandals Resorts in Jamaica.  No matter what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, you can find it here.  There are lively areas to party and secluded areas to get away from it all.  There are plenty of options to be active, and also plenty to relax.  

The restaurant options allow for new things to try every night, and the entertainment is always lively and fun!  

The biggest drawbacks are the distance from the airport and additional travel time to get there, the wait time at some restaurants that don’t require reservations (Sushi on the Sand), and the less than amazing beach and ocean.  The large footprint may be more difficult for people with mobility issues, but the area is quite flat, so no stairs to climb.

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