Secret Harbor St. Thomas Snorkeling Guide

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by Kristin Young | Updated On: January 21, 2021 | St. Thomas

A popular spot with locals, Secret Harbor St. Thomas snorkeling is considered some of the best on the island, yet not too crowded… yet. St. Thomas has a large volume of cruise passengers arriving nearly daily, so finding a great snorkeling beach that isn’t complete packed is key. With a reef just off shore, and rocky side walls, this protected little secret harbor beach is a great place for everyone from beginner to advanced snorkelers.

Entry: Beach
Experience: Beginner
Access: No Fee, Free Parking Available(Read More Below)
Facilities: Dive Center with Rentals, On Site Restaurant, Public Restrooms
Look Out For: Limited parking near beach- arrive early


The resort on the beach is actually called Secret Harbour Resort, which uses the British spelling of Harbor and can cause some confusion. However, whether it’s Secret Harbor or Secret Harbour, everyone is talking about the same place.

From the main road, the entrance may be easy to miss, especially when coming from Red Hook, so make sure to keep an eye out for signs for the “restaurant/bar”.

steep hill on the road to the Secret Harbor public parking lot

For parking, follow the road down the hill and try to find a space in the parking lot at the restaurant if you plan to eat ONLY. The parking is free, but very limited there and for the restaurant and resort only. If you aren’t able to park in that parking lot, head up the STEEP hill, to the small parking lot near the tennis courts that is open to the public and usually has plenty of space available.  

public parking lot at Secret Harbour St. Thomas resort


We love staying right on the beach, and the Secret Harbour Resort offers condos with walk out access to some of the best snorkeling on the island.

Check prices and availability here.

There are also plenty of condos available just a short easy walk from the beach that can be found here on airbnb, or here on VRBO. Make sure to check both sites because they have similar options, but different properties to choose from.

If you prefer to stay at a major resort, we love the Ritz Carlton(find more info here), and it’s just down the road from Secret Harbor.

The bay at the Ritz Carlton has some great snorkeling right on the property, and is also just minutes from the 3 of the best spots to snorkel on the island. If you prefer a resort over vacation rental, you can’t beat the location and amenities here.


 Just down the road from the parking near the tennis courts, you’ll find a small staircase that will lead straight down the side of the condos and right on to the beach.

view of Secret Harbor beach in St Thomas from the bottom of the stairs along the condos

The restaurant seems to be “THE” place to go for regulars to the island to watch the sunset. So , it does get a bit more crowded toward the end of the day.

Secret Harbor Restaurant from the beach

The beach is uncrowded, but has a swim platform about 30 yards out from shore. In addition to the condos and on site restaurant there’s a dive shop, and chair rentals. Make sure to pop in to the dive shop to find out the latest snorkeling sightings and what to watch out for.

view of the dive shop, boutique, and rental information at Secret Harbor beach St. Thomas

Both sides of the beach have some pretty good snorkeling with the right being more rocky and the left having a double reef.

underwater view of fish under the rocks along the right side of the beach at Secret Harbor
underwater view of sea urchins at Secret Harbour St Thomas

Rocks on the right side of the beach

On the left side of the beach, just past the concrete dock, you’ll begin to see the first reef.

view of Secret Harbor beach from the water where the first reef starts on the left side
above water view of the beach from where the reef starts

After the first reef, there well be a little rock out cropping, and drop off, and then you’ll find the second reef.

underwater view of reef while snorkeling at Secret Harbor St Thomas
underwater view of a spotted moray eel among the coral at Secret Harbor
spotted Moray Eel among the coral on on the left reef at Secret Harbor
underwater view of reef and fish at Secret Harbor, St. Thomas


Secret Harbor Beach was one of my favorite beaches on the island to snorkel. For families, the incredibly calm protected bay water, swim platform, and beach rentals make staying at Secret Harbor Resort the perfect home base.

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